Easystart Homes Unveil New House & Land Packages In Perth, Offer Innovative Financing Options

Leading provider of new homes in Perth expands their selection of beautiful home and land packages. Experts in designing and building unique, modern luxury homes also provide clients with access to valuable home finance services.

Online PR News – 27-March-2014 – PERTH, WA – Buyers shopping for new homes in Perth now have a host of exciting new options. WA builders Easystart Homes has announced the expansion of their already vast selection of properties to include new house & land packages in Perth that offer a unique blend of style, innovative design, and the modern luxuries that the well-known construction specialists have become famous for.

Packages are available throughout the region, including the Perth metro area, South of the River, and in the South West, with prices starting from as low as $289,000! With long-standing relationships with area land developers, Easystart Homes is able to offer their clients the best available value on property purchases.

"By combining a wide range of common services, we strive to make the home buying process simple and convenient. We're not just builders, we're new home experts. With our years of experience we're able to help guide buyers from their first design consultation through financing and construction to that wonderful day when we hand over the keys to their brand new home," said Sandra Muller of Easystart Homes (www.easystarthomes.com.au/).

By combining a wide range of common services we strive to make the home buying process simple and convenient. Were not just builders were new home experts. With our years of experience were able to help guide buyers from their first design consultation through financing and construction to that wonderful day when we hand over the keys to their brand new home.

The New Home Consultants at Easystart Homes work with clients throughout the process to help them make informed decisions and navigate the sometimes intimidating purchasing and construction process.

When it comes time for buyers to consider home finance, Easystart Homes has partnered with their in-house financial team Westgate Financial to offer clients a selection of carefully selected and tailored finance solutions. Whether it's a first time buyer shopping for their first mortgage, or a seasoned investor seeking an individually tailored, carefully constructed finance solution, the experts at Westgate Financial have the know-how to match them with the perfect option.

In addition, because Easystart Homes is part of the Summit Homes Group, they're able to offer clients a host of other exciting services, including Landbank for exclusive land offers, incentive & bonus package deals, and discounts on Summit Homes Group land estates in Baldivis at Parkland Heights and Heritage Park.

"Summit Homes Group has become the leading provider of new homes in the region because we provide our clients with luxury homes without the luxury price tag. Our properties are located in some of the most beautiful areas in WA, and we pride ourselves on offering buyers a complete home buying solution that's easy to understand and lets them focus on designing their dream home, not getting caught up in red tape. We're truly excited for residents to have the chance to explore our new package offerings," Muller said.

A detailed listing of available properties in each region, including pricing and contact information, can be found at the following links:
North of the River - www.easystarthomes.com.au/images/houseland/BBES-25292-HL-Package-Up-Metro-North-LR_v1.pdf" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">http://www.easystarthomes.com.au/images/houseland/BBES-25292-HL-Package-Up-Metro-North-LR_v1.pdf>
South of the River -
www.easystarthomes.com.au/images/houseland/BBES%2025292-HL-Package-Up-South-LR_v1.pdf" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">http://www.easystarthomes.com.au/images/houseland/BBES%2025292-HL-Package-Up-South-LR_v1.pdf>
South West -
www.easystarthomes.com.au/media/pdf/house-land/BBESSW_25217_South_West_LR_v1.pdf" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">http://www.easystarthomes.com.au/media/pdf/house-land/BBESSW_25217_South_West_LR_v1.pdf>

To enquire about the full selection of services offered by Easystart Homes, view their current special offers, or for questions about any of their house & land packages in Perth, call 08 6555 7549 or utilise their convenient contact form.

About Easystart Homes:
Easystart Homes (www.easystarthomes.com.au/" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">http://www.easystarthomes.com.au/) is a part of the Summit Homes Group, one of Western Australia's most prominent building groups. Easystart Homes offer a range of innovative and affordable modern home designs to suit every budget and lifestyle. At Easystart, "We Make It Easy."

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