The Melody of Time - Minute Repeater

inute repeater watch can tell the time with a button or a pulling hand lying in one side of the shell, when you press it, you can hear the nice time-telling sound.

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – Minute repeater, the same with Tourbillon, perpetual calendar, is one sophisticated function of mechanical watch. To put it simply, minute repeater watch can tell the time with a button or a pulling hand lying in one side of the shell, when you press it, you can hear the time-telling sound like "ding ding dong dong”

Minute repeater - The melody of time
This kind of function may be very common for electronic watch, you press the button, and then a girl voice tells the time. But “minute repeater” is one of the biggest challenges in the workmanship of mechanical watch: add the time-telling spring within the limited space, sometimes for the good melody, three or more sets of springs should be added, a lot of spare parts are as thin as hair. For famous watch brand producers, it seems that they make the minute repeater not to earn the money, but to show their superb techniques, lifting their reputations and international statuses.

Low quantity, high price, minute repeater just is the highbrow music, only people really understand and love it can people really enjoy it. Of course, you should be backed up by strong economic power. Therefore, if someone shares the amazing and magic sound with you, just spare no word to show your appreciation and fondness.

What is minute repeater?
This is really a strange name, but when you think of the time-telling function, it will be easy to understand.

Repeater, namely the repeating watch, can tell the time by pressing the button or pulling hand on the shell to start a series of sound settings.
Minute repeater, which can tell the hour, quarter and minute with different sounds, is the perfect combined production of acoustics and dynamics.

Time telling method: pull the hand of minute repeater; it will sound sweet melody without stop. Low tone tells the hour, for example: “dang,dang,dang,” three sounds mean three o’clock. Then the quarter, generally high tone and low tone are mixed to tell, for example: “dingdang, dingdang”, which means two quarters. And then the high tone tells the minute, for example: “ding, ding, ding, ding, ding,” five sound mean five minutes, so the time now is three thirty five.

The Mechanic Theory
It does not matter that you don not understand the following, you just imagine that in the limited watch case, another set of chain board and spiral spring, two sound mallets, three sounding methods, and numerous gears are added in , then you can know why the minute repeater costs so much!

Minute repeater owns very complicated mechanical setting. The setting must convert the time-telling to a series of sound expressing the hour, quarter and minute. Firstly, the spiral spring of chain board accumulates the time-telling power through the vertical operation of pileup, simultaneously; the gears of hour, quarter and minute have been fully wound, ready to tell the time. When starts, the spring of chain board gives out the energy to speed adapter, then according to the centrifugal theory, the speed adapter keeps the constant hammering speed; and then two hammers just sound out low tone, high tone and chorus of high and low tones.

Timbre - The Soul of minute repeater
The mechanical theory of minute repeater is complicated but not mysterious; therefore, time-telling tone becomes the decisive element of determining the quality and price. The cheap ones may sound noisy and obscure, on the contrary, the million-priced ones, must sound clearly and vividly, stirring your heart.

We can listen to the time. The watches lovers prefer to hold their breath to listen to the tick tock, feeling the tide of time. Furthermore, another sound they will listen to is the magic time-telling sound of minute repeater, once you hear that, you will be deeply moved by the miraculous mechanic craft.

Minute repeater tells you differently, listen to your time, and listen to your life!watch replicas.