Military men and women make an impact on hit shows such as Criminal Minds, NCIS, Bones, CSI and beyond.

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – For the past twenty years military men like Matt Sigloch have made our favorite shows more realistic by acting as technical advisors. While working with actors like Catherine Bell and David James Elliott on JAG or Mark Harmon on NCIS, Matt helped bring the military into living rooms across America.

Over the last year his newest venture (Sigloch Military -Tactical) has brought hard-hitting, accurate, tactical action into those rooms as well. Week in and week out, the trained Military professionals of SMT have been kicking in doors as SWAT team members, having fire fights as Marines and Soldiers, and even portraying rival gang members on such hit shows as Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, Bones, Justified and many, many more.

Now the Sigloch Military Tactical team has taken the next step forward as SMT Productions bringing it's first independently produced project to life. GAV-n is a story about when things go wrong.

A Genetically engineered weapon has escaped from a classified location in the desert of Northern California and all that separates it from Los Angeles is a single special ops "recovery team".

Currently filming in Santa Clarita, California, this exciting new project is cast almost entirely with prior military service-men and members of the stunt community. It should be ready for the public by Christmas.

Not being a group that likes to rest, SMT Productions next project is already in the works with the upcoming twelve part series Project 12 and is set for release in the fall of 2010.

Fresh from pre-production to Blue Cloud, our members recently volunteered their time, expertise and equipment to help out with a very worthy cause. "Operation Gratitude" and "Women in film" with the help of the Sigloch team brought a national PSA to life, one small thing they felt they could do to support the men and women still serving in uniform today. Be safe, God bless.

For more information on these projects or Sigloch Military - Tactical check them out on the web at or .

They have hit the ground running and are not looking back!