Awesome kids Story Book From Amazon Released

“Jonathan The Redhead (2) Has a Friend” (Kindle Edition) in Children’s Book Series Sways Little Minds!

Online PR News – 27-March-2014 – Israel – March 12, 2014: Bed-time stories for kids have been most popular beyond generations. Everyone in the world fondly remembers those moments, when they nagged for more and more stories and When a story gets narrated, the jaw-opening thrill of listening it. Modern computer age has adopted this world-wide practice of enjoying bed-time stories, to help young mothers showing Their abundance of love to their kids, amidst their pressing daily commitments by eBook Editions. The announcement made by today is yet another milestone in this Practice of making available eBooks kindle edition, by the release of their second children book From their collection of stories for kids.

In order to extend a helping hand for the women folk, frantically trying to please their children With fantastic stories but find it difficult to coin their own stories from memory, and narrate it in Awe-inspiring style to keep the kid absorbed, online channels have found a way. Innumerable Editions of story books get released nowadays, for different age groups of children. But the Practice of reading such story books cannot be said to be that popular among kids, who have Other attractions like video-games consoles etc.

As a further step of advancement in this modern publication of story books, a novel method of Adults reading the book and kids listening and side-by-side enjoying the colorful pictures with Amusing sounds has been evolved of late. While the story is read aloud by the mother, it almost Resembles the moments of grandmas fondly narrating interesting bedtime stories, for the kids Around in earlier generations, and the listening kids enjoy the thrill.

The announcement from belongs to this genre of story-telling. Their latest kindle Edition of “Jonathan The Redhead (2) Has A Friend” is evolved with this view point. While Explaining the features of the bed-time story book Jonathan The Redhead (2), the publisher says:
“This short story for kids is about Jonathan the Redhead who is afraid of dogs.
There is solution for his fears, as usual in stories for children, his mother found a Beautiful solution, and what would you do in such a case?
This is kid's story for dogs' lovers, and of course pets. Is there anybody who does not love
baby animals?
This enjoyable kid’s story contains beautiful colorful illustrations, while watching Them and listening to the story the child's imagination is in full action.
This is the second children book from our collection of stories for kids.
The story is written for children, of age 3-5 yet it is fine as well for beginning Readers
at age of 6.
The pictures are so beautiful that children at any age will enjoy them
It is fun to read and fun to listen and watch the pictures.
Although it is a story for kids, it would be nice for young mothers to have the book and gain a good idea how to teach their small children to love dogs and then other Animals. “

The announcement further indicates the story book Jonathan The Redhead has been priced Affordably for buyers from India and other countries, to pay in their currencies inclusive of Wireless international delivery via Amazon Whispernet.
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