Online Company to Offer Free WP Themes and OScommerce Templates

As part of a month long promotional event, web-based company is offering Free WP Themes and OScommerce Templates to its customers.

Online PR News – 19-July-2010 – – Great savings are in store for those publishing an online blog or ecommerce website. Six year old web-based company called E-Themes has unlocked the gates and now allows free, unlimited downloads of its themes and templates. Designs range from clean simple business ecommerce templates to funky, hip, and colorful blog themes for personal websites. All can be downloaded for free, unlimited times, from the main website and sister websites of the E-Themes company.

E-Themes has been in business since before the days of personal internet weblogs, now simply called blogs. And it was there in the early years of OScommerce, which first showed up on the internet scene way back in 2000. The idea of customizable internet publishing applications has only really taken off in the past few years, however. Now, bloggers and those with an online store can find dozens of websites offering customized themes or templates to create the look they want for their business or blog.

While the functionality of an oscommerce website remains the same when using free oscommerce templates, the look can change dramatically from one design to another. That's because the templates are applied as a skin, changing only the cosmetic aspects of the website. E-Themes specializes in clean, simple oscommerce templates which are easy to apply and very simple to manage. Until recently, most oscommerce templates were not offered for free, which differs radically from the case with blog themes.

Blog themes have been offered for free on the internet for about a year and a half now, from independent websites like E-Themes or from the main blog software-provider, WordPress. WordPress now offers seamless integration of themes, and one-click installation and updates. The free wordpress themes offered by wordpress are limited, however, which makes the upcoming promotion from E-Themes so exciting. With the month-long promotion, bloggers can download all the themes they want, follow the easy instructions, and receive personalized support from the designer-programmers if they have questions.

"We're excited to release the themes and templates for free, because lots of bloggers and owners of e-commerce sites are going to realize how easy and fast it is to implement themes from independent designers" says Richard Harmon, a designer of the free oscommerce template for three years. "Why limit yourself to the blog themes offered by one website?" he asks, referring to the site maintained by the provider of the blog software. "There are people all over the globe having a great time designing awesome blog themes...don't you want to know how to use them?" Mr. Harmon is referring to the logic behind his company's promotional offering of free themes and templates: to encourage the use of independent applications. He says the main reason for the promotion is to encourage bloggers and ecommerce owners to branch out and take advantage of skins offered on smaller websites. "Some people are afraid to get a theme anywhere other than from the main Wordpress website" he explains. "That's a shame because they are missing out on some beautiful designs".

For more information on how to use themes and templates to customize your blog or e-commerce website, you can visit E-Themes main website, listed below.

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