Technology Solicitors at Waterfront Solicitors LLP Look at Data Issues Surrounding Wearable Tech

Waterfront Solicitors LLP explores the data issues that wearable technology raises including privacy issues and intellectual technology.

Online PR News – 26-March-2014 – London – Chloe Taylor, Intellectual Property Solicitor at Waterfront delves into the world of wearable technology in the latest blog post from Waterfront Solicitors.

The blog post asks the questions ‘What data issues does wearable technology raise?’

Chloe Taylor muses on the possible legal issues surrounding wearable technology and the implications of people collecting private data through the latest technologies such as Google Glass and the Cuff bracelet.

She says, “Although it might seem farfetched to imagine that the data you collect through wearable technology might make you a data controller. You could be capturing personal data about other people which would fall within the Information Commissioner's Office's definition.”

During the blog, Chloe Taylor looks into examples of data capture that may be collected using Google Glass. Read the blog here to find out more.

‘You might want your elderly relative to wear a bracelet, like cuff, which would connect them to your phone and provide you with their personal data. Although your intentions might be entirely honourable – you want to check your relative hasn’t missed an important hospital appointment, or forgotten to take their medication – it still raises privacy issues.’

The main question being explored by the Waterfront technology solicitors is ‘who is choosing what data is being collected?

The leading Waterfront Solicitors LLP plan to continue exploring the new world of wearable technology as the topic evolves in the near future.

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