Confirmed Article Links - AAL Redefines The Conventional Article Marketing Strategy

Article marketing has been around us for quite a long time and it needed a drastic change as the effectiveness of this strategy became a question. The pioneers in article marketing solution have come up with a revolutionary change that makes this strategy a result guaranteed one.

Online PR News – 18-July-2010 – – Nagercoil, Tamilnadu When it comes to the best Search engine optimization strategies, Article marketing is the one that never can be ignored. However, things have changed a lot in the SEO world and with the trend change in to the social media; the mighty article marketing strategy needed a revolutionary change. According to the article marketing Manager of, “If it was before a couple of years, all you have to do in terms of article marketing was to write a handful of articles based on the keywords of your niche. These articles had to be submitted to a handful of directories and there is nothing more than that you had to do. In fact article submission bots were used to be effective back then. Once the articles got crowded online, both the online surfers and the search engines knew that advertising taste of the articles and so the article directories tightened their strings in terms of the guidelines. Now if you get want to get an article live at the top directories you gotta cross many hurdles.”

As the professional said, when the article directories switched the trends, the article marketers out there who were very much used to conventional article marketing were left clueless. All these factors made the entire article marketing seem to lose its charm. Thankfully there were some professionals who wanted a revolutionary change in the conventional article marketing. The expert article marketing solution providers at have given birth to the “Next Gen” article marketing solution that comes with guaranteed results. They had recently proven that if the articles go live at the best article directories, there is no other SEO strategy that can beat the ROI of article marketing. The results were visible on their “Whitepaper On Article Marketing”. Now the news around SubmitinME is that they have found a revolutionary strategy that can get assured live article links instead of just Submitting the articles for rates much lower that the conventional article marketing solutions in the market. Though he researchers at are not ready to reveal how they manage to provide Assured article links for such lower rates, the service is already live at They have named this service appropriately as AAL - “Assured Article Links” as well.

“We don’t carry the conventional article marketing service with us anymore. No one needs article marketing solutions with no guarantees anymore. Moreover, the rates of AAL (assured article links) are much lower than the regular article marketing services. This all new result guaranteed Assured Article Links (AAL) service will become a revolution in the entire SEO industry with the unbeatable ROI ever.”

This is why we have true professionals in every industry. For SEO, tops the slot. They’d be known as the ones who rescued the grinning article marketing strategy.

About is pioneers in providing proven SEO and SMO solutions. Their research team is well known in busting the myths of the conventional SEO strategies out there. Their recent discovery has made it possible for them to offer result guaranteed article marketing solutions for cheaper rates than the conventional article marketing. Having expertise of over 6 years (Since 2004 when the SEO concept ever appeared), they have many success stories to say.

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