Antier launches new CRM mobile app TeamBerry

Here is another offering from the house of Antier that is sure to emerge as successful as many of their other products that have seen tremendous response in the past and continue to do so. Read on to find more about it....

Online PR News – 26-March-2014 – March 26 2014/India – From almost a decade now, Antier Solutions has been rolling out some of the most innovative web and mobile applications for its customers. The latest feather to its cap is TeamBerry—the very inventive CRM application that can give a whole new makeover to the way you conduct and run business. Unlike other CRM apps available in the market that come with one or two major features, TeamBerry is loaded with concrete, substantial and highly pragmatic elements vital for any business—big or small. TeamBerry is available for Android as well as iPhone, another factor contributing to its versatility.

“Decades of experience in IT sector presented me with a very basic yet instrumental problem of managing and tracing business leads,” says Mr. Vikram R. Singh, Founder CEO, Antier Solutions Private Limited. “So it was only a question of time and resources before we came up with wholesome CRM software to lessen the managerial burden of entrepreneurs. With a team of exceptionally talented individuals, we have finally realised our dream to create such an application.”

The app comes with exceedingly user-friendly interface thus eliminating the need for elaborate workshops or demo classes. Simple navigation and easy operation is another brownie point. Right on the main dashboard you can see all the major tabs viz. TeleCall, Sales Tunnel, Tracking, Expenditure, Tour, Task, Client and Order. On the right side, you can see at all times your daily Reminders and Notifications, if any. For a quick overview and better management, on the lower half of the screen you can even view the reminders each of your team member has set for themselves.

The dashboard also displays the most important factor that would come into play when it comes to running a successful business. You can see your company’s Sales Graph in both bar and pie-chart form—giving you a objective idea of the pace of your business, growth rate, and which area needs maximum attention and inputs from team-leads and executives.

In the Sales Tunnel tab, TeamBerry lets you categorise your sales operations in five distinctive phases. Depending on how much of your business lies in which phase, you can direct your operations in the required direction—thus ensuring a unity of orientation.

Tracking option lets you find your on-field team members periodically at pre-set time intervals. Not only does this let you know where they have been through the day, but also connect to them wherever they are.

In Expenditure tab, you can view the expenses in real time as they are added by your team for business-related meetings and tours. You have an objective quick look at the details of the expenses incurred, date, amount and whether it has been approved or not, or still waiting approval.

Under Tour, you can see the tour employees undertake, duration, itinerary stops on the way, and status of the tour—whether approved or pending. Task tab lets you see and assign tasks to your team & also set the deadline for it so that no work ever falls behind its due date.

In the Client section, you can store and save on cloud all your client information regarding contacts, emails, phone numbers, delivery addresses, billing addresses and much more. This way, you can be sure that information is never lost due to crashed systems or backup failure or any other catastrophe.

Under TeleCall, you can assign the targets to each of your team members if you are a business operating primarily on telecalling basis. At the end of the day, you can see what percentage of the assigned targets was fulfilled—thus making it easier to gauge employee performance in real-time on daily basis.

TeamBerry enables the business managers, small-business owners and entrepreneurs to collaborate all their team members or employees on one interactive platform. The user-friendly interface and aesthetic design are additional luxuries that accompany this application.

TeamBerry is a revolutionary new CRM software that has been developed under the aegis of Antier Solutions Private Limited. If you would like to obtain more information about TeamBerry or any of our other web and mobile application products, you can log on to our website