Brazil Soccer Cup 2014 - Tourist Helper!

The best iOS app for your travel to the Brazilian' soccer games 2014.
We bring the most useful information to your visit, for discover places in map, meet people for pre-matches, game information,comunicate in portuguese with natives and enjoy your staying experience.

Online PR News – 27-March-2014 – ES/Brazil – Brazil Soccer Cup 2014 - Tourist Helper is a app project made to help tourist visitors for World Cup Brazil 2014.

Made by passionate brazilian iOS Developer, we try to give the most useful information (and updated) for users to enjoy each host city.

The main concern of the developer, is bring useful information like using localization and map interfaces to give to user the routes for stadium and airport, and also point out places to enjoy and to find some taxi and metro stations.

In other hand, we bring emergency phones, videos, calendar, reminders and news for games and also cotation for currency exchange, in effort to give the most complete nice features for our tourist.

The great point in Brazil Soccer Cup app project, is to play with pronunciation of portuguese. We discover that natives and tourist have many difficults to talk with each other, and we offer to user the opportunity to try your portuguese in different moments, like restaurants,greetings,stadium and others.

And also, we are working in a feature to meet all users with the same flag for pre-matches, giving opportunity to each fan discover where the teams fans are in meeting before the games. This feature will be comming for the next updates.

Now in pre-release and prepared for launch, the app is continuous growing and try to give collaboration to tourists with their needs.

“I was studying some concerns about organization in World Cup in Brazil 2014, and found the opportunity” - says Felipe Menezes, developer.

The project is independent, no big company or great marketing campaign behind. The developer also run to brind more and more information in side to let help to divulgue the app.

To cover the basic cost, the developer uses the in-app strategy, giving users the first impression to Belo Horizonte city and ask for purchase for unlock all cities.

Covering spanish language, the app is prepare for the majority of people that will visit the games.

"And other point, is that app dont depend the internet connection to bring the places information", for the tourists not depend of the local connection to see the most important information they need.

Is also important to keep updated with app until the games begin, because the developer is working continuous to put more an more information.

The landing page is :

Get this app and contribute with project.

Launch in March 27th.