Deaf Awareness Month Recognizes Contribution That Works To End Violence in Deaf Women And Children

Belanie Dishong, founder and CEO of Live at Choice in Houston, Texas, provides benevolent services to

Online PR News – 25-March-2014 – Houston, TX – Houston, TX – Live at Choice, ( a transformational development company in Houston, Texas and founder, Belanie Dishong, celebrate deaf Awareness Month 2014 and that she chose in 2007 to have DeafHope as the recipient of their philanthropic services. After hearing Deaf mentor, Julie Rems-SmarioDishong speak at the eWomen conference in Dallas, Texas, Belanie chose to give the DeafHope staff and participants the Live at Choice curriculum and programs at no charge.

“Live at Choice generously worked with DeafHope by transforming the way we work with the survivors,” says Julie Rems-Smario, “It gave us a new perspective of empowerment and more profound understanding of empathy. Live at Choice is a powerful training to realize that the judgments people hold are actually their own stories filtering them from seeing the beauty of each person's journey. This discovery melts away the judgment with love and compassion.” In August 2007, Live at Choice began its first of many Beyond Circumstances Workshops for the staff, board, volunteers and Deaf survivors of domestic violence. It is a lifetime gift to this non-profit organization, which helps bring hope, love and purpose to the Deaf community.

Live at Choice generously worked with DeafHope by transforming the way we work with the survivors says Julie Rems-Smario

About DeafHope (
The DeafHope mission is to end domestic and sexual violence against Deaf women and children through empowerment, education and services. This mission will be achieved on three levels: by providing services to Deaf women and children who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence; by educating their community and service providers about domestic and sexual violence; and by providing statewide training and technical assistance to establish more Deaf-run services for Deaf survivors.

About Belanie Dishong and Live at Choice
Belief Changer,™ and founder of Live At Choice,™ is an internationally sought after personal development expert, TV Talk Show Host, Best Selling Author, Speaker, workshop leader and personal coach. Since 1993, she has led thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations in effectiveness workshops resulting in greater performance, passion and success. An expert on the topic of choice, Belanie has developed a proven process and tangible tools that lead people to critical self-discovery. Her unique process teaches people to transform their existing beliefs, make new choices, and create the success they desire. Belanie is a member of the eWomenNetwork and a contributor to the eWomenNetwork Foundation.

In 2005 Belanie expanded her methodology, creating new programs—Mastery of the Script and Unpainted Picture. Through her courses, Belanie helps others achieve extraordinary lives. Her ability to connect people’s mind with their heart breaks through barriers that inhibit one from living their greatness. She is known for her intuition and the ways that she impacts the lives of people of all ages. Belanie is recognized for her work in restoring families, relationships, and personal effectiveness. She teaches her participants how to take an idea, a desire, or a dream, become free of their limitations, and reach their sought after goals.

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