A New Kids' Mystery Is 'Someone's Trapped' - Viking Club Mystery #2

Children will benefit from the critical thinking prompted by a soccer-themed whodunit for kids 8-12 in this second book in the Viking Club Mystery series by Maureen Grenier.

Online PR News – 25-March-2014 – Vancouver BC – (25-03-2014) – In Someone’s Trapped, the second kids’ sports-mystery in the Viking Club Mystery series, thirteen-year-old Rebecca is horrified to discover that she has become a suspect in a series of thefts from her soccer team dressing room. In a desperate situation like this, Rebecca does what any member of the Viking Club Detective Agency would do—she calls on the other two detectives to help her solve the mystery and prove her innocence.

“The sports world brings children face to face with pleasant and unpleasant realities, just as happens in the classroom and within families,” says author Maureen Grenier. “Young readers can relate to the effort of finding solutions to difficult situations within the safety of a book while enjoying the fun of a mystery.”

Young readers can relate to the effort of finding solutions to difficult situations within the safety of a book while enjoying the fun of a mystery.

As the three young detectives grapple with the disturbing threat to Rebecca’s reputation, it becomes apparent that Rebecca is not the only one with a summer soccer team problem. What can they do to help Chris deal with bullying from his teammates? Can they come up with a plan for Jaylon’s soccer buddy to stay on top of his game? And how will they trap whoever is stealing from Rebecca’s team?

“It is useful for children to become absorbed and inspired by the skills required to solve a mystery,” Ms. Grenier says. “These stories present not only a mystery but also life challenges and, as the young detectives analyze and discuss various solutions to the mystery and try and help each other with their problems, the readers are exposed, in an entertaining fashion, to the very useful process of analysis and reasoning.”

The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute includes the promotion of detective fiction in its curriculum content—Detective Fiction: “Focus on Critical Thinking” because this type of fiction presents useful problem-solving strategies inherent in investigation and crime solving, which has important life applications.

“Of course, the main reason I write mysteries for children is because they supply the motivation for them to read and to finish the book in order to find out ‘whodunit,’” admits Ms. Grenier. “Becoming a good, independent reader is vital; learning how to apply the skills needed in critical thinking is a bonus.”

The book is illustrated by the author, and can be ordered in paperback or hardcover from Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, FriesenPress, and Chapters, and is available on Kindle.

The first book of the series, Something’s Missing, a hockey-themed story, is available at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, and independent bookstores. Somebody Wants Only The Net is the third book in the series and scheduled for publication in late 2014.

About Maureen Grenier has worked as an artist for The Kanata Standard, an editor and writer for Meridian Magazine, Publications Manager for the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and freelance editor and writer for various organizations and publications. She has a BA from the University of Waterloo, a year of Commercial Art from Washington State University, and an Elementary School Teacher’s Certificate from the University of Victoria, BC. For more information about Maureen Grenier, please visit her website.

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