Carcash Introduces Car Sales In 20 Minutes

Selling a car is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish today. With the nosedived economic conditions, you cannot sell your used car quickly even for atleast marginal profits. However, the 20 minutes sales guarantee of used cars introduced by carcash seems to be very promising

Online PR News – 20-August-2009 – – New York, NY ( OnlinPRNews ) August 20, 2009 – Business statistics indicate that real estate and used car sales are the fields which are worst affected by the global economic slowdown. Selling an used car is not easy task as in the earlier days. Statistically, the demand for the used cars was on the peak before a few months and things have changed upside down now. There is very little demand for the used cars now. The inventory of used cars keeps on increasing as there is no demand. We had a chat with the used car buyers at ( to know how they manage with the 20 minute car sales guarantee. “The rate of selling of old cars have greatly increased through the recent months. It seems that the car owners are finding it hard to spend money on the maintenance of the vehicles. We were surprised to see some classy used cars for sale in the market at dead cheap prices. No one in this planet would have imagined that such classy cars will be sold for these cheap prices. Even though these cars are available at unbelievable prices, there are no takers for them. We have been in the car sales for quite a long period of time and we know here the current market is headed to. That is the reason why we buy used cars by offering the owners the reasonable buying price. The entire process of selling a car at carcash takes 20 minutes or less” says Mr. Ron Morrell of

Speaking about the process of selling cars through (, Mr. Ron said, “Selling a car to us is very simple. As a first step you can get a free quote for your car online. Once you are satisfied with the quote, we will check the vehicles registration documents. Upon successful verification, we will pay the amount quoted to the vehicle owner. The free car quotes are negotiable and it can be done with the help of the live chat option available in our website. If the used car has all the correct registration documents, the deal will be done within 20 minutes.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Ron said, “We are the ones to make the highest payouts for the used vehicles and that’s a guarantee. No matter what the market condition is, we will continue to offer the highest payouts for any used cars out there.”


For generations, their only business is providing you with the easiest, fastest and most profitable way to sell your car. When you arrive at Car Cash, you will be received with unprecedented customer service and unparalleled respect from our staff of trained purchasing professionals. Gaining your business means everything to us.

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