Mom Launches Gateway Connecting Doctors, Educators & Parents on Aspergers & High Functioning Autism

Temple Grandin, Albert Einstein and Issac Newton have it... yet many are puzzled by it....let's talk Aspergers Syndrome! Announcing the launch of a free resource with timely original content. Introducing

Online PR News – 25-March-2014 – San Antonio, TX – Desperate for information when her son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome 10 years ago, Jennifer Allen with the support of her family, has dedicated her life to gathering and supplying information for those seeking the best life possible under their diagnosis. is what the titled suggests, a full resource of information on Aspergers Syndrome as well as High-Functioning Autism. Created on the heels of success with her documentary Coping to Excelling: Solutions for school-age children diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism or Aspergers Syndrome , Jennifer teamed up with specialists in the field of Autism including doctors, therapists and educators to provide targeted continually updated information on all things Aspergers Syndrome.

Original content within are:

*Weekly Blogs - Under 3 essential categories, offer an interactive opportunity!
Medical – information about Aspergers and High Functioning Autism provided by
the doctors and therapists at Autism Community Network
Education – with so much changing in the area of special ed, Lisa Rogers writes
weekly on topics pertaining to and advancing those seeking education on
the upper end of the spectrum.
Family – Guest bloggers contribute to an area that families face daily. Siblings,
marital matters and successful co-existence living with someone with

*Autistically Speaking – straight from someone who knows by experience, this
blog is exclusively written by those diagnosed. We’ll feature their
strengths and successes while allowing them to share the challenges
and advice on overcoming struggles they face on a daily basis.

*Top of the Spectrum News – weekly video news segment exclusively on From famous guests to stories of everyday life,
Top of the Spectrum News provides content solely focused on
answering the challenges and questions we all face regarding
Aspergers Syndrome. First weeks guest? Dr. Temple Grandin!

*AuTalkz – eliciting the talent of artist and aspie Nikki J., AuTalkz comic strip
makes it debut on The life on the spectrum comes
alive through these enjoyable yet revealing works of art.

In addition to, people can subscribe to another free resource titled: aspergers101 weekly where they will receive, directly to their email, continual information as well as joining our Facebook site!

Based in San Antonio, Texas, is comprised of a team of specialists in the field of Autism. Jennifer Allen, a mother to a son with Aspergers Syndrome, wanted to create and make available the type of communication and information she had so desperately searched for after her son's diagnosis over 10 years ago. By eliciting help from doctors, therapists, professionals, educators and those on the spectrum, primary focus is on timely information with the ultimate goal of offering hope.