Innovative Jewellery Company 'La Maison du Carat' Introduce Sensational Contemporary Design Range

A new and emerging jewellery design company have announced the launch of a website with the release of their exclusive design range, combining classic beauty with contemporary design features.

Online PR News – 25-March-2014 – Hong Kong – 'La Maison du Carat' are one of the world's first high-end jewellery design company to offer their range of spectacular jewellery exclusively online. The company has already begun to gain recognition in the market, due to the exemplary quality of their beautifully crafted pieces. The company strives to combine the very finest craftsmanship, stunning designs and a level of affordability which puts 'La Maison du Carat' jewellery within reach of all.

As an emerging presence in the jewellery industry, the Swiss-Hong Kong brand 'La Maison du Carat' have adopted an ethos based around a desire to connect their jewellery with the wearer on a personal level, creating a bond which ensures wearers are eager to display their stunning pieces with a sense of pride. Designed in Hong Kong by a Swiss founder, the 'La Maison du Carat' collection currently includes bracelets and pendants, with an exciting range of exceptional rings and earrings to be added in the near future.

Cedric Roux from 'La Maison du Carat' commented “Classic and modern, simple but magnificent, elegant and fun are all but a few ways we try and make our jewellery more exciting. For example most of the pendants from our current collection feature the unique and innovative twinkling setting, a patented setting technique that brings even more life and brilliance to its Gemstones.”

The unique 'twinkling' setting is an exclusive patented hinged setting, which allows the centre stone to pivot within its secure frame. This creates the effect of a shimmering, dancing light with the slightest body movement bringing the vibrant centre stones to life.

'La Maison du Carat' is a high-end brand dedicated to creating classic and contemporary jewellery designs and provides a wide range of high quality jewellery with the utmost precision, craftsmanship and affordability. The jewellery can be worn as good luck charms, talismans or simply as something to compliment attire. To see the fine range of jewellery available, please visit the official website at or alternatively use the contact details shown on this release.