Green Telecom Networks

a new report on "Green Telecom Networks" analyzes the business opportunities, technology requirements, and environmental impacts of green telecom initiatives on a worldwide basis.

Online PR News – 18-July-2010 – – Green Telecom Networks

Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications Networks: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Recycling and Reuse, and Carbon Emissions Reduction Opportunities

As an ever increasing number of people around the world become connected by fixed and mobile telecommunications networks, the challenges related to providing electricity to these expanding networks are becoming greater as well. Energy costs are among the largest operating expenses for network operators, and energy consumption from telecom networks is an increasing contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. ( )

Faced with these economic and environmental realities, network operators and their equipment vendors have embarked on a series of new initiatives to improve the energy efficiency of telecom networks and reduce their associated carbon emissions. These efforts include dramatic reductions in the electricity required to power network elements, the integration of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, more energy efficient practices for data center operations, and a greater focus on recycling and reuse of network equipment. This analysis indicates that these initiatives are likely to result in a significant reduction in energy-related operating expenses in addition to a dramatic decrease in GHG emissions related to telecom network operations.

This report analyzes the business opportunities, technology requirements, and environmental impacts of green telecom initiatives on a worldwide basis. The report examines the tools and practices available for fixed and mobile network operators to lower their operating expenses, reduce their carbon emissions, and improve the total cost of ownership for their networks. Detailed market forecasts include energy efficient network infrastructure capex spending, adoption of renewable energy power sources, and carbon emissions reductions for fixed and mobile networks in addition to telecom data centers. Profiles are also provided for key network operators and vendors.

Key questions addressed:

* Who are the leading providers, OEMs, and technology companies that are driving green telecom initiatives?
* What are some of the best practices being implemented today?
* What is the impact of green telecom on emerging markets versus developed markets?
* What is the business case for green telecom, and which components have the most impact on ROI?
* What is the market opportunity for green telecom in terms of capex spending?
* How large is the opportunity for renewable energy in telecom networks?
* What is the potential for carbon emissions reduction through green telecom initiatives?

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