ETC International College Announces Open Enrolment for Legal English Courses

Enrolments now started for Legal English courses at this Bournemouth based language training centre.

Online PR News – 24-March-2014 – Bournemouth – A lot of European students are considering taking up legal English courses in a bid to become more proficient in handling legal matters. This is due to a combination of factors; the most important of which is that English is the most commonly spoken language in legal arenas around the world.
In order to keep up with advances in the field and as a means of expanding job opportunities, most legal experts who don’t speak English as a native language therefore elect to get such lessons. Most students who are interested in getting the most out of such lessons often insist on a few characteristics that the classes must have.

Courses run by ETC International College meet all the necessary criteria for a professional course delivery.

1. Small class sizes
Having a small class size makes it easier for students to interact with their language instructors, and this has been shown to have an effect on the quality of education obtained. In addition to getting personalized information, doing this has also been shown to reduce the time needed to learn the language as well. The optimal group size for such lessons is around 14. This gives enough room for one to socialize with other students in order to enhance learning, and still get enough time with the instructor.

2. An environment that enables one to function more optimally
Any learning process has to take place in an environment that allows one to be comfortable and to access all the material they need in order to learn properly. This includes the presence of high speed WiFi to access resources online as well as to work on other projects. Presence of amenities such as a cafeteria and snack shop also enhance the experience, making it easier for students to focus on their studies.

3. Course content
Most foreign students who need to learn English for legal purposes often have to get a course that is narrowly focussed on this. This means making sure that the course content includes teachings on language in different scenarios, such as in property law, negotiations and sale of goods.

4. Multiple approaches to course work
As is the case with any other language, having multiple approaches to course work has also been shown to be effective in teaching, and this is a feature that most European students look for when trying to find a language school. Some of the built-in features that are in high demand include skills development, tutorials, academic counselling and even constructive feedback.

Enrolments are now taken.

About: ETC International College is an English language training provider with 25 years of experience.