Manage your business processes efficiently with Packt’s new Compiere 3 book

A concise and clear guide to installing and implementing Compiere in real-world scenarios

Online PR News – 18-July-2010 – – Packt is pleased to announce Compiere 3, a new book that will help readers to understand and implement Compiere. Written by Andries L Pretorius, this book will enable readers to successfully administer and co-ordinate all the resources, information, and functions of their business. In addition to managing business documents effectively, readers will also learn Compiere fundamentals and best practices along the way.

Compiere is a world leading open source, commercially supported ERP business solution for the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in distribution, retail, service and manufacturing. It is entirely based on the concept of Active Data Dictionary (ADD) and contains definitions of a data entity, how it is displayed and the display rules along with security and access rules. Compiere has been developed with Java EE and offers best of class functionality on a model driven architecture while maintaining openness, value, flexibility and scalability.

Compiere 3 covers the setup, the business processes of sales, purchasing, inventory, financial management as well as advanced aspects like workflow, project planning and migration. This succinct guide will teach users the Compiere concepts and essentials quickly and concisely. Furthermore, it will provide users an overview of the main Compiere business process aspects as well as help them get comfortable with using and exploring the Compiere system.

Using this book, system administrators will discover the critical factors that they must use to evaluate an ERP system and monitor their Compiere instance. This book will teach users various aspects of sales process management, creation of procurement documents, handling post-production activities, planning project implementation and finally exploring advanced features including user and security setup. The users will have a complete summary of the system and the modules associated with Compiere by the end of this book.

Written in a clear and concise manner, this essential guide is ideal for system users and administrators, who want to implement Compiere or evaluate it for possible use in their organization. The book is out now and available from Packt. To read more about it, please visit: