Om Software Presents Bubble Ninja, A Brand-New, Exciting Iphone/Ipad Game For You

Bubble Ninja, a new, heart-throbbing game in the town is sparking the interest of tons of little gaming enthusiasts to load into their iphones/ipads and play it to their heart’s content.

Online PR News – 23-March-2014 – India – India, (March 22, 2014)--As an iphone/iphad game enthusiast, you might be anticipating some exciting and thrilling games to entertain you remarkably. Thankfully, your wish has finally come true before long. Gear up to play ‘Bubble Ninja’, the striking, brand-new game on your favorite iphone or ipad handset. Bubble Ninja game is a talk of the town and it is sparking the interest of tons of little gaming enthusiasts to load into their iphone/ipad phones and play it to their heart’s content.

By the way, you may want to know like what is so unusual and exciting about the game? Well, if you are aware of the gaming character ‘Ninja’ and have played Ninja games in the past; you need not descend into the details to determine on what theme it is based.

Not to mince the matters, Bubble Ninja is a browser-oriented 2D interface-side-scrolling RPG, giving you boundless dose of fun, thrill and entertainment for hours. This game is largely based on the legendary Japanese character, Naruto and yet contains certain booming modules from another well-known game MapleStory. The unprecedented feature about the original game is that you are a ‘Ninja’ when playing it.
Bubble Ninja is a perfect mix of true Japanese pop-ninja culture, graphics, depth, and cartoonish genuineness. Yet, many of you might be eager to learn why every player is a ninja in the game? Well, Bubble Ninja leaves you on tenterhooks to decide the same on your own and yet encourages you to experience the beautifully-crafted story personally. Start playing the game and you will see for yourself how entertaining, inviting and strategic the game is.

You will appreciate the fast pace, attentiveness to the detail, and emphasis of the combat in the ninja lifestyle. The game is strategic and requires certain level of acumen to play it adroitly. Particularly, if you are a new kid on the block and are not well familiar with the nitty-gritty of the game, it is a must for you to practice the game thoroughly. Then only you will be able to adeptly let loose the awfully lethal ninjutsu against your foes and get victory over them.

The graphics contained in Bubble Ninja game are evidently vivid and striking. The sound quality is also appealing to the ears. Not to mention, the little, cute characters look truly very charming. Inspired from almost every legendary Japanese cartoon, the little characters are fashioned in 3D quality with smooth cartoons to fit their ninja features. The game is very engaging, thrilling and fun to play and the screen features everything you want to make use of while playing.

All in all, Bubble Ninja is a remarkable, exciting game with unmatched social and story undertones you must play. This game is a right choice for everyone looking to grab endless fun and entertainment for hours on their iphone or ipad.

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