Dofra foodtec announces innovative food processing equipments for industrial use

One of the leading brands, Dofra recently announced the launch of high-tech potato segmenting equipments and many others to make industrial operations easy and simple

Online PR News – 23-March-2014 – Horst – March 22, 2014

The demand for vegetable processing machines has been increasing consistently. In order to cater to the increasing demands of the industrial segments, one of the most popular companies, Dofra has come forward with a range of interesting options. The company recently introduced innovative machines like bell pepper corer, Potato peeling machine, onion peeling machine and a host of similar and novel ones. The packaged food industry and the service segments have a high requirement of such machines that help them make their work easier and less time consuming. The companies in these sectors have a large range of elaborative applications that requires washing, drying, peeling, cutting vegetables, polishing and similar ones.

These applications require high quality equipments that achieve the objective in an easy manner. The machines introduced by Dofra support such activities and make them simpler for the operations. The efficiency of the food processing machines is quite good, especially when it comes to green leafy vegetables. Another line of machines help in the chore of grading, meaning they sort the vegetables on the basis of their quality.

Revealing more about the machines, the Senior Spokesperson at the company says, “We manufacture highly specialised products that make food processing simple and easy. We have highly qualified professionals on board who track the dynamics of the agricultural sector. They devise innovative designs that make the companies in such sectors uncomplicated and hassle free. Our site is replete with products and services that our clients can avail at any given point of time. The professionals engaged at our company offer their advice and years of experience to our clients and support them in their endeavour.

Our recently introduced mushroom watering machines have become the talk of the industry. We have also been displaying new and innovative models that help the companies in various manners. Apart from this, we have dedicated a section on our website that allows people to sell used Food processing equipment at affordable prices. We personally check the units, monitor them and assure the credibility before displaying them for sale.”

Dofra Food Tec has been offering international standard food processing equipments that can be integrated in the processing line or even used as a standalone machine. The wide range of machines offered by the company is available on the website. These machines guarantee good results at affordable rates. Different machines are apt for operations like batch processing, continuous processing, and various other jobs. These machines are designed using state of the art methodology for offering optimum results to the companies. The equipments are such designed that they have made vegetable processing quick and thus, creating a high end production line.

The Senior Spokesperson continues, “Vegetable processing machinery has been our forte since the beginning. We have polished our techniques to offer our clients the best that they can have.”
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