Sol Meskin of Meslee Insurance Services Relinquishes Interest and Title of President to Ben Meskin
21 March 2014
With over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry—providing insurance services and specialty insurance policies—Dr. Meskin retires his position at Meslee Insurance Services (MIS), to pursue his other insurance business interests. Dr. Meskin will remain a consultant to Meslee Insurance Services, on an “as needed basis” with respect to the specialty business of Meslee through J.S.I.S. and Aquaculture Insurance exchange. Mr. Meskin will no longer have interest or a decision making position with the company. Mr. Benjamin Meskin, CPCU, who has worked within the company in various management and sales positions for many years will assume the position of President. Benjamin Meskin seeks for MIS to offer the same quality insurance policies in LA and customer care that clients historically have expected and received from MIS. Benjamin Meskin strives to continue with the existing culture and seasoned staff at Meslee but also has a strong commitment to efficiency & implementation of new technology and methods. The transition to new owner Benjamin Meskin will be seamless as the company will still offer specialty insurance policies such as jewelry, aquaculture, and others. In order to continue to meet customers’ needs, a wider array of insurance services will be available soon, including shipping insurance solutions for high value cargo on an international level. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Benjamin Meskin attended UCLA in 2005. Benjamin was exposed to the insurance industry through high school and college. He has trained with London brokers and Underwriters writing policies with Lloyds and company markets. He began working in insurance full time by joining the sales team at a local cargo insurance business in downtown Los Angeles during his final year of college. Living in Southern California allowed Benjamin Meskin to understand policies specific to individuals, families, and entities in the area. After two years, Mr. Meskin began employment with Meslee Insurance Services. Throughout his first two years at Meslee, Benjamin staffed and studied various positions in the agency while simultaneously earning his licenses in Property & Casualty and Health & Life Insurance. Benjamin earned the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) Designation and was promoted to Vice President of the company in early 2013. He has since assisted in the development of Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services (JSIS)—a specialized department of Meslee Insurance Services. Benjamin Meskin’s belief in the company propels MIS forward with the development of Aquaculture Insurance Exchange, a new division at MIS devoted to insuring Aquaculture risks in North America. Mr. Meskin has earned full control of the brokerage and is currently working on attaining further licenses in Financial Planning and Life Underwriting.