Sid Brass Introduces His New Casual But Fashionable Beachwear

Sid Brass describes his design on his casual beachwear line and lets us know what we can expect.

Online PR News – 23-March-2014 – Dallas, Texas – Former professional baseball player and entrepreneur, Sid Brass is expanding into the fashion industry with his custom men’s clothing line. His new line will consist of high end men’s couture down to casual beachwear and athletic fit. When asked how he came up with the ideas for his casual beachwear, Brass stated that he enjoyed time on the beach and the best beach-inspired apparel comes from spending so much time there. He wanted something that would be made from easy lightweight comfortable material. Brass stated that the line would also be splashed with colorful designs and would be a sporty style. “It’s important to wear the right attire.”, Brass stated. He also mentioned working on a new style of cadet hats since he, himself loves to wear them so much. No comment yet on what direction he will take with the cadet hats. Everything about the causal beachwear will have a light and relaxed feel.

Spokeswoman for Brass, Tiffany Moffett, stated that Brass is excited to be creating and designing his new line which is to be released in late 2014.