Xtreme Bright Lights Launches New Website

Xtreme Bright Lights has been selling high-end specialty LED products for over one year, and the company recently treated itself to the anniversary gift of a brand new website.

Online PR News – 23-March-2014 – 2846 Mossy Timber Trail Valrico, Fl 33596 – Valrico, Florida — When founder John Gill started Xtreme Bright Lights, he wanted to provide the very best in high-quality LED products to consumers. However, even he was surprised at how popular his company's bike lights at xtremebrightlights.com and other products became so quickly. After only a year in business, Xtreme Bright Lights launched a new website, located at www.xtremebrightlights.com , to handle the tremendous sales traffic and give users a seamless buying experience when they shopped for bicycle lights at xtremebrightlights.com , a rechargeable flashlight at xtremebrightlights.com or other LED products.

Xtreme Bright Lights offers safe, solid and reliable products including:

• Bike LED tail light. Never fear being invisible again when riding a bike at night. This bright LED tail light catches the attention of drivers so that the bicyclist stays safe.

• Emergency vehicle LED flashlight. No one should ever be without proper emergency equipment in a vehicle, and one of the most useful items to have on hand is this emergency LED flashlight. Also available in rechargeable form.

• Premium LED bike light. Easy to see from a long distance, this light also provides great "headlamp" illumination for night riders.

• Premium LED headlamp. Keep arms and hands free with an adjustable LED headlamp.

• Vehicle escape tool LED light. This item combines all the safety features anyone could want in a vehicle flashlight.
Find these and other great products on the new website for Xtreme Bright Lights.

About Xtreme Bright Lights:

Xtreme Bright Lights is a new company that specializes in high-end LED products. Located in Plant City, Florida, the company was founded by a former police officer who understands the need for having the right lighting and safety tools. Xtreme Bright Lights delivers high-quality products that are ideal for a variety of uses.

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