United Kingdom Confirms the Introduction of Shared Parental Leave

The Government of the UK has announced plans to introduce a new shared parental leave system for local workforce starting April 2015.

Online PR News – 23-March-2014 – Sunnyvale, CA – The Government of the UK has announced plans to introduce a new shared parental leave system for local workforce starting April 2015. The purpose of the proposal is to provide working couples with more flexibility and allow parents to share statutory leave which is currently more favorable to mothers, reports Nair & Co. a provider of global HR services for companies with international operations.

Currently, employed women are entitled to 52 weeks of maternity leave; this does not change under the new proposal. Also maintained will be the eligibility and entitlement to a 39 week paid period as well as the two-week compulsory maternity leave post delivery.

Under the new system, shared parental leave is summarized as follows:

* Working parents will be eligible to share up to 50 weeks of leave.
* At the consent of their employer, employees are allowed to take multiple leaves over short blocks of time. Otherwise, employees have to take their leave in a single continuous block.
* Employees must specify their leave plan 8 weeks prior to their proposed last of work.
* During the entire flexible parental leave period, employees must remain employed by the same organization; leave may not be carried forward to a new employer.
* During the leave, employees are allowed to change their plan up to two times.
* Employees have the right to return to their same position if their leave is equal to or less than six months.

As further clarification is expected, Nair & Co. advises companies operating in the United Kingdom to monitor the progress and updates related to the Shared Parental Leave rules and carry out a detailed analysis of the final regulations to assess actual impact and properly plan for workforce coverage.

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