Marjorie’s Detailed Cleaning in Ellenton, Florida! New Cleaning Company On The Rise

A brief synopsis of Marjorie's Detailed Cleaning in Ellenton, Fl.

Online PR News – 21-March-2014 – Ellenton, Florida – Marjorie’s Detailed Cleaning in Ellenton, Florida! New Cleaning Company On The Rise.

Marjorie’s Detailed Cleaning is a residential cleaning service rooted out of Ellenton, Florida. So, “Who is Marjorie’s Detailed Cleaning?” You’ll find out soon enough.

How was this company birthed?
I once heard a quote from the movie, Apocalypto, “Fear. Deep rotting fear…Fear is a sickness. It will crawl into the soul of anyone who engages it.” Penetrating, right? Although the movie content is completely discrepant from what a cleaning service has to offer, I would like to think that this philosophical quote can be implemented to all facets of life. It all began with (in my case) an abnormal idea. I was at my normal “9-5” job when the idea was up-rooted in me; during one of my down times- which usually left my mind to wander. Later, I began to dwell on this subject matter, and take action.

But, why a cleaning service?
So many of my comrades have asked, and still remains with this very same question. Ahha! That’s the joy with this industry. No one wants to get on their knees and perform labor intensive work. Of course, cleaning (composed of all related components: Janitorial, commercial, upholstery, and carpet cleaning, etc.) is not a glorious task whatsoever and considered as an “icky/frowned upon” job. Nonetheless, it defines originality and furnishes room for growth in this notoriously known industry.

Cleaning Services
Residential cleaning and small office cleaning to areas in or near Ellenton, Florida, 34222.

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If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Marjorie’s Detailed Cleaning
On the rise!