Real Estate Sales FSBO Savings in Virginia Exceed Fed Home Buyer Tax Credit

Average Northern Virginia home sellers real estate sales savings provided by VA FSBO agency exceeds the First Time Home Buyers federal stimulus program.

Online PR News – 17-July-2010 – – Independent analysis reveals the average savings in fees and commissions for sellers using GoToFSBO, the leading homes For Sale By Owner agency in Northern Virginia VA, is exceeding the tax credits that were offered under the First Time Home Buyer federal stimulus package. This independent analysis was based on an average home selling price of 250,000 and higher, and took into consideration all scenarios involving the For Sale By Owner home real estate selling process. A process that includes fully Licensed GoToFSBO Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Attorneys, the Title Company, Appraisers and Inspection services.

This comparative analysis was performed by Northern Virginia's leading For Sale by Owner agency, GoToFSBO, and took into account each of the following For Sale By Owner real estate sales scenarios:

- For Sale By Owner using a Flat Fee GoToFSBO MLS listing where a Real Estate agent delivers the buyer resulting in a 2.5-3 percent commission.
- For Sale By Owner direct to buyer sales using a Basic GoToFSBO Package and not involving another Real Estate agent thereby resulting in no commission.
- For Sale By Owner using an all inclusive GoToFSBO package that contains an MLS listing, FSBO magazine & website advertising, signage, brochures, phone support, purchase offer preparation/review and personal assistance from start to closing.

In the above scenarios sellers using GoToFSBO that sold a home for 250,000 were able to pocket an extra $7500-$16,000 above and beyond sellers that sold a home for the same amount using a 'traditional’ Real Estate sales process. Representing an average financial gain that exceeded the First Time Home Buyers and repeat sellers federal tax incentive program that was in effect through April 31, 2010. According to Debbie Kent, owner of GoToFSBO and a fully licensed Real Estate agent-

"93% of our for sale by owner homes are sold within three to four months even in this market. The key is proper exposure, our highly effective GoToFSBO marketing packages and the flexibility to offer the home at a slightly lower listing than traditional services while still netting a better monetary gain for our sellers."

GoToFSBO is staffed with fully licensed Real Estate agents that have proudly saved clients millions of dollars in fees and commissions using For Sale By Owner. For more information on listing or purchasing a home visit- Or view the website displayed below the 'Media' section of this release. Interested parties are also invited to email or call owner Debbie Kent using the contact information below. Other benefits and cost savings measures provided by GoToFSBO include:

Comparative Market Analysis & Appraisals
Syndication on Top National & International Websites
Educational For Sale By Owner Home Selling Seminars
Inclusion in a Professionally designed Online full color FSBO Magazine

About: GoToFSBO has been focused on creating a professional, cost effective and highly visible real estate service for home owners wanting to sell their property 'by owner' since 1995. With extreme care toward making the process go smoothly, improving the quality of your experience and helping you save money.

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