Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life Launched Today! International Best Seller in Five Hours!

There are times when a book makes waves when it is published because of the sheer power of its impact on readers.

Online PR News – 21-March-2014 – Chicago, Illinois – Today is one such time, because the ONLY book you will ever need to be successful at relationships has just hit the stands. Get ready for the love ride of your life: Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life – the compilation by renowned soulmate expert Lorii Abela is going to rock your world like never before and probably never again. Read on to find out what you can expect from this “tome of torrential talent.”

It is March 20, the day the world will be introduced to Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life. What’s the buzz all about? How has a compilation of relationship coaching from 29 experts from different parts of the world managed to garner such interest since its inception? The real magic is the fact that truths which have, until now, been hidden to the public conscience are now completely revealed – blasted wide open!

This amazing book will have you riveted as you read page after page of practical, exotic and even erotic advice on how to get the most out of your love life. During the course of your journey, you will learn about secrets that were right under your nose but you never knew or realized; you will be stunned by the candid exposé on some of the best-kept relationship secrets in the world; you will be awed and inspired by the gutsy authors who reveal their inner worlds and let you get a glimpse into their core being – where you will be shocked to see none other than yourself!

The compiler, Lorii Abela, has authored one of the chapters herself. As a soulmate expert, acclaimed business leader, accomplished author and co-author with best-sellers to her credit, she has worked hard for several months to bring this awesome team together for the first time ever. With hard work and a whole lot of gumption, she has painstakingly compiled what is possibly the only title so far where so many experts reveal so many secrets about how to achieve a truly juicy love life.

Here’s a small taste of the author-experts showcased in this phenomenal book:

Renessa Rios has written a powerful chapter on how to lead your life in a way where you get to be the chooser of your perfect match rather than waiting to be chosen by a potential partner. She is famous for launching and operating America’s first Matchmaking retail store – Match Date Love.

Sandi Boyd is a familiar face around town –whatever city in America that town might be in! She is the #1 Dating Coach in the United States and an avid proponent and practitioner of oriental arts such as Feng Shui, Reiki and more. Her theory of ‘consciously falling in love’ has helped thousands of men and women find true love.

Lorii Abela’s chapter is the highlight of this book but she has humbly placed herself way down the line of presenters. Her power-packed chapter on dating for expatriates takes expat dating to a whole new level, providing foreign-born people with the firepower they need to succeed in love.

Abby Rodman’s reputation as a regular contributor to Huffington Post and author of Should you Marry Him? precedes her, which is probably why she is so sought-after by writers, journalists, bloggers and everyone else to help sort out their relationship challenges. In her chapter, Abby talks about why a man’s ‘availability’ is one of the most important indicators of happiness in a relationship.

Kimberly A. Hawkins and her situational approach to grabbing opportunity as soon as it presents itself is a powerful secret in itself. With her background as an African-American Life Coach, she packs a mean punch that hits you right where you know you want it to hurt!

Rachel Dack is a professional counselor who is passionate about helping people through rough patches in their relationships. Her focal point in this book is about how to maintain healthy relationships through positive action and thinking.

Antoinette Freeman is a professional relationship coach and matchmaking expert among other things. Her powerful techniques to keep the fire lit in a relationship will prove to be filled with Aha! moments for all who read her chapter.

With so many stars in the sky, it will be hard to miss seeing the Universe at its potent best! Be sure to grab your copy of Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life and give yourself a one-way ticket to blissful existence as a powerhouse of relational capabilities. This is the power contained in this book. It’s March 20 now – what are you waiting for? Get your copy now at