Free Phone Number Search Location Lookup Increase Due to Phone Fraud

Reverse phone number lookup searches on leading free phone number location finder are increasing due to consumer alerts about phone number fraud.

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – Reverse phone number lookup searches on leading free phone number location finder, Reverse Phone Detective, are increasing due to consumer alerts involving phone number fraud and other privacy concerns. Concerns arising from individuals receiving phone calls from unrecognized or unsolicited telemarketing firms. Phone calls that can represent anything from a legitimate case of fundraising or more nefarious activities involving potential criminal behavior. Potential criminal behavior that may include an attempt to gain highly sensitive personal information in order to commit a fraudulent act.

These and other concerns have contributed to a monthly increase in the use of online reverse phone number search services. Recent information indicates the average number of monthly Internet searches in the US involving reverse phone lookups is now well over one million and growing. To assist individuals with these concerns Reverse Phone Detective added a free geographic location finder that can be used by anyone, requires no registration and produces completely private results. If a person is receiving phone calls from unrecognized numbers, wishes to confirm public information connected to a phone number or has received a suspicious phone call asking to verify personal information Reverse Phone Detective can help.

Reverse Phone Detective can help because it has the largest single source reverse online phone directory database in the world with well over 200,000,000 archived numbers that increase daily. Reverse Phone Detective was developed to provide critical public information, not intended to replace emergency services, through easy to use cell and landline look up searches. Searches that take only seconds to complete. Using Reverse Phone Detective a person can obtain the following key information:

Name and address of the person or business that owns the number
Phone Type: Record of whether it's a cell phone or regular Landline
People specific search results including basic background information

The process of performing a reverse phone lookup is quick and simple. Just enter the full number including the area code and click search. Reverse Phone Detective also offers unlimited free geographic location searches which instantly provides the region or city of the number entered. Reverse Phone Detective offers the option of purchasing a one time instant search or a full year membership which grants participants unlimited search results.

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About: Reverse Phone Detective is the Internets leading reverse phone number lookup directory service. Reverse Phone Detective prides itself on a high customer satisfaction rate and producing accurate results.

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