GMC Sierra MI Auto Times Competition Champion

GMC Sierra MI owners will be saying “Better luck next year,” to the Dodge Ram once they read the latest results of the final round of the May the Best Truck Win MI Auto Times competition.

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – DETROIT, M.I. – GMC Sierra MI owners have reason to celebrate. The GMC Sierra, the MI Auto Times first round comparison winner in the MI Auto Times May the Best Truck Win competition, squared off against the second round winner the Dodge Ram. It was a tough final round between two rugged trucks, but only one can drive away as the winner.**
In this case, that honor went to the GMC Sierra 1500 SLE. The Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, better luck next time.
In the value category, the GMC Sierra earned 4 stars against the Dodge Ram’s 3 ½ stars. When the national incentives are applied to each respective truck’s MSRP, the GMC Sierra MI truck buyers will spend $2,410 less than the Dodge Ram, even though the Dodge Ram started out with a lower MSRP.1
Both the GMC Sierra and the Dodge Ram get 14 city/19 highway mpg, and both are flex fuel compatible, but customers can only find a hybrid version under the GMC nameplate.
The GMC Sierra also has the capability to save drivers money over the long-term because of its included On-Star vehicle diagnostics which MI Auto Times discusses On-Star more in the Comfort category.
Earning 4 stars against the Dodge Ram’s 3 ½ stars, the GMC Sierra wins the power category. The Dodge Ram proved a strong competitor in horsepower and torque as it defeated the GMC Sierra in both outputs, but the GMC Sierra MI owners will have 161 more pounds payload capacity and 550 more pounds towing capacity.
Also, the GMC Sierra heavy-duty packages make it a better choice for heavy duty towing or maximizing trailering ability. The GMC Sierra packages offer equipment such as trailering hitch platform, wiring harness for aftermarket trailer brake controller, heavy-duty automatic locking rear differential and external transmission oil cooler. The GMC Sierra also offers a package for drivers in cold climates wanting to modify their truck for plowing snow.
The GMC Sierra earned 3 ½ stars, a quarter of a star advantage over the Dodge Ram’s 3 ¼ star rating in the comfort category. The GMC Sierra has more standard and available features that the Dodge Ram. The GMC Sierra has rubber floor mats, premium cloth seats, sunroof, illuminated vanity mirror, and leather wrapped steering wheel.
Both trucks have rear assist and parking assist systems; however, when it comes to total care safety technology systems, MI Auto Times rates the one-year subscription to On-Star higher than the Dodge Ram’s Uconnect system, which costs $395.
The GMC Sierra earned 4 stars against the Dodge Ram’s 3 ½ stars. The Dodge Ram was a very strong competitor in this category thanks to the new 5-year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty offered on the Dodge Ram, which is equivalent to the GMC Sierra’s 100,00 mile/5-year transferable Powertrain Limited Warranty.
Both trucks also offer a basic 3-year/36,000 mile warranty, but the GMC Sierra offers more support for its customers than the Dodge Ram because the GMC Sierra has 100,000 mile/5-year 24/7 Roadside Assistance plus 100,000 mile/5-year courtesy transportation.
Though the Dodge Ram put up a good fight, in the end there can only be one MI Auto Times Best Truck: The GMC Sierra 1500 SLE, never send a truck to do a Sierra’s job.
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**Details compiled by visiting automotive manufacturer websites and viewing specifications for each model. Any error made was unintentional and through no fault of MI Auto Times, as information listed on vehicle specification web pages of auto manufacturers was taken at face value by MI Auto Times.
1Dodge Ram National offers of $3,000 cash allowance or 0 percent APR only offered on Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab models according to Dodge Ram website. MI Auto Times rated Dodge Ram model is a regular cab and ineligible.