Time To Fire Your Publicist! New Book Reveals The Secrets Of Online Music Promotion

MyMusicSuccess.Com Launches New Book To Give Independent Music Artists And Bands Hands On Practical Advice On Where And How To Market, Promote And Publicise Their Music Effectively Online.

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – Email: simon.adams@mymusicsuccess.com
Website: http://www.mymusicsuccess.com

Whilst major record labels continue to struggle to survive in the wake of the new digital economy, independent artists and bands are in a unique position to take advantage of the entrepreneurial shift in the music business. By harnessing the power of the internet and using new technologies to promote and market their work, independent musicians now have the ability to reach out to millions of new fans from across the globe.

A new book "101 Ways To Market Your Music On The Web” just released by leading music marketing company MyMusicSuccess aims to assist independent musicians with their digital music marketing by exploring one hundred and one of the best results driven tools and techniques for digital music promotion, most of which cost very little or are totally free.

Written by MyMusicSuccess Co-Founder Simon Adams, he shares his 25 years of music industry experience as an artist, producer, publicist and promoter in the book, and says that what indie artists need the most is some practical straightforward knowledge of the best toolsets available that they can start using straight away, rather than a full blown academic course in marketing.

"Independent artists and bands have developed an entrepreneurial spirit in the last few years, and it's no longer required for an independent artist, band or label to hire a publicist to promote their music in the digital domain" says Adams. "When you have the knowledge of which online music promotion tools to use, and some great innovative ideas on how to implement them into your music career, you can save over 95% of the money you would have budgeted for promotion by running your own music marketing campaigns. I wrote this book to show independent artists how to do that, in the same way that I've done it for my own music projects".

"101 Ways To Market Your Music On The Web" covers a number of key promotion and publicity tools and techniques, including how to:

• Raise your band's website rank in the search engines by getting guaranteed press coverage on the most popular music news sites, forums, blogs & social media

• Get your tracks licensed into the lucrative advertising, film & TV sync markets

• Use online tools to build a solid loyal fan base that supports your career and grows your digital street team organically

• Get more gigs and discover the radio stations that want to play your tracks

• Sell more music downloads and gain new fans more effectively by using just two popular applications - Twitter & iTunes

• Learn how to fund your music projects, get paid for gigs, & build a free web store

• Get coverage for your band in the Japanese international music market

• Access many more untapped web tools and online promotion techniques to help boost your independent music career

The 256 page book sets out to be the most comprehensive and practical manual ever compiled on digital music marketing. With interviews and quotes from music industry executives, promoters and successful independent artists, musicians will also gain an insight into some of the ways others have successfully used the World Wide Web to build their fan base, collaborate in new projects, and increase the exposure of their music

"101 Ways To Market Your Music On The Web” is published by N2R Media Publishing and is available as both a paperback and electronic downloadable eBook from the website http://www.mymusicsuccess.com