Apex Coating Services’ Rising Damp Treatment Now Protecting More UK Homes than Ever

Apex Coating Services excels in providing rising damp treatment of walls all across Britain due to the weather.

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – For Immediate Release

Apex’s outstanding protective wall coatings are providing rising damp treatment for a record number of UK homes, say latest figures

Kent, United Kingdom, July 14 2010 – Apex Coating Services has been fighting the most common enemy of the British homeowner – damp – for years. Their super high tech rising damp treatment and protective wall coatings have become a standard for the UK construction industry and the first port of call for anyone needing to redress the effects of rising damp on their walls and foundations. Now, thanks to the impeccable results their products have been providing, they’ve hit record figures, covering more homes in the British Isles than ever before.

Partly, the success of Apex Coating Services’ rising damp treatment is due simply to its quality: in the face of comparable preparations, both Apex’s Clearguard (a transparent application applied directly to walls, which preserves the original colouring and decoration) and “through” render (a protective preparation that gives colour of its own to a wall) perform consistently at the top of their class. Add to that a spectacular advertising initiative, whereby Apex offer huge discounts to customers willing to have their home used as a living show case of the Apex products, and you’ve got an environment in which business is pretty guaranteed to prosper. And that’s exactly what has happened.

Apex is currently looking for homes that will work well as demonstrator projects for their rising damp treatment. Doubly good news for anyone suffering from recessionary blues and a damp house. The ideal candidate will be obviously in need of repair, so the worse your case of rising damp the better. Just get on the phone to the people at Apex, or email them through their site (www.protectyourwalls.co.uk), and they’ll ask you to send pictures of your property, particularly the worst affected areas. Your home could become one of the millions protected by Apex’s outstanding products – and all at a prize winning discount!

To know more about Apex Coating Services’ rising damp treatment, visit http://www.protectyourwalls.co.uk/apex-coating-services-penetrating-damp.html

Apex Coating Services is a hugely successful nationwide provider of rising damp treatment and protective wall coatings.

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