Cabinets & Designs take part in Wood-Mode's Pick 2 Savings Event

Cabinets & Designs is proud to be a part of Pick-2 Premium Savings Event event which is expected to increase customer awareness and heighten client interest significantly.

Online PR News – 18-March-2014 – Houston, Texas – Cabinets & Designs is a company that essentially deals with kitchen designs and custom cabinets. Its custom cabinetry showroom features from both Brookhaven and Wood-Mode. The company provides home décor solutions for closets, kitchens, offices, theater rooms, etc. There are many kitchen interiors such as pantry with pull out shelves and fashionable spice racks that you might like to incorporate at your home. Cabinets & Designs provides you with all such interior décor services. If you are looking forward to getting good deals and discounts on cabinetry solutions, keep an eye on the event Pick-2 Premium Savings Event that Wood-Mode will soon be organising in June, 2014. The good news is that Cabinets & Designs will be present in the event.

Wood-Mode would offer something for everyone such as Finish Premium, Door/Drawerhead, Wood Species, etc. in this event. These will be offered at attractive discounts too.

Given below is the way in which the Pick-2 Program works:

1) There will be Savings Selection Form enclosed from where you have to choose two premium reduction options per order.
2) If you choose different set of savings options on the same order, then you are required to differentiate the order. To add to that, a separate savings selection form must accompany each order.
3) Remember, Stainless Steel and Backpainted Glass Door Styles will be available as a 50% off selection, and therefore, should be placed as a separate order.

Some of the ways in which Wood-Mode will be promoting its event are as follows:

1) It has come out with ad templates to help promote its event to customers in the market.

2) Social media is another option which Wood-Mode has considered as a way of promoting their special event. You can post updates frequently about the event and let your friends and followers know about the date of the event. Reminding clients through various social media marketing platforms is a powerful way of marketing that will not only notify people about the event but also increase the event's visibility all across the digital world.

3) The event can also be promoted by marketing it through your website.

4) Southampton 'Special Event' postcards are also another smart way of promoting the event.

Some of the eligibility criteria set by Wood-Mode for participating in this program are:

1) Door and drawer premium reductions will be applied to door and drawer premium only and will not include modification options for doors and drawerheads.
2) Orders should be scheduled as per the number of ship weeks upon the receipt of the order.
3) Orders with prior pricing or freight consideration will not be eligible for program discounts.

Cabinets & Designs have successfully met the eligibility criteria and therefore it will be actively participating in the event of Wood-Mode that's scheduled in June.

Cabinets & Designs is proud to be a part of this event which is expected to increase customer awareness and heighten client interest significantly. The event will definitely serve as a motivation to invite more sales and increase return on investment. Moreover, such an event is likely to increase leads, quotes and inquiries from customers. This event is a well-planned promotional effort that is expected to increase business to a large extent.