GameAnax: Doodle Tank Battle is now powered up for Moga Controller

GameAnax launches the Moga-compatible version for its much-acclaimed combat game,Doodle Tank Battle.

Online PR News – 18-March-2014 – Sugar Land,Texas – Doodle Tank Battle, the super hit game on the Ouya and iTunes store is now Moga-enhanced for Android. It’s a challenging 2D tank-based shooter game that allows the gamers to experience levels of excitement and passion never seen before in a combat game. With the game arriving for Android and compatible for Moga, the Moga fans will be able to play this exciting combat game with their controllers.

Talking about the Moga compatibility, Jigar Panchal, Head of Mobile Games said, “We wanted to create a fluid gaming experience for our fans. With Moga’s great success in bringing the console-style experience to Android gaming, we wanted to include this breath-taking technology for our game. The light and crisp controls of Moga work perfectly to augment the gaming experience of Doodle Tank Battle.”

Moga has a line of gaming peripherals that enhance the Android gaming experience. The pocketfriendly controller turns the smartphone into a portable gaming device, giving a console-like gaming experience to gamers right on their Android devices.

Doodle Tank Battle is set in a gorgeously illustrated fantasy doodle world with four distinct environments. The game features striking environments such as Rainforest, City, Desert and Snow field, making a lively background for this epic battle game. The game also features two modes:Campaign mode and Endless mode to enrich the gameplay. With 24 levels in Campaign mode and endless gameplay in Endless mode, the game allows for deep strategies and sharp tactics.

The goal of the game is to fight and defeat the enemy’s turrets, bunkers and tanks as they arrive to destroy the doodle tank. The graphics and design are skillfully rendered in the game making the game detailed and vivid. The tailor-made sound score amplifies the game design and the doodle theme adds to its distinct battle flavor. Various powers such as Armour Pack, Dual cannon, Air strike, Shield and Scatter Shot are bestowed on the players to make them invincible against the evil enemy army.The game strives to achieve the perfect balance between casual and hardcore gameplay.

Kalpesh Purohit, Head of the Gaming Department explained, “We have equipped the game with sharp controls and a crisp interface to make the game absolutely compatible with the Moga controllers. The elegantly-designed controls will ensure that the players will get a console-style gaming experience right on their Android devices.”

Doodle Tank Battle is a well-rounded app that blends exhilarating action, strategy, and an engaging story to create a breath-taking battle saga.

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