Scalada Holdings Launches Joint Venture with Franklin Mining

Scalada Holdings, Ltd has entered into a joint venture with Franklin Mining, Inc. of Colorado centered on several Franklin Mining mines in Bolivia.

Online PR News – 18-March-2014 – Singapore – Scalada Holdings, Ltd., the Singapore based sustainable solutions company, has announced that it has entered into a joint venture with Franklin Mining, Inc., a Colorado-based gold miner with a significant presence in several Latin American countries.

According to newly appointed Scalada Holdings President, Robert McClung, the JV will focus on three mines in Bolivia including the La Joya Mine with some 96 tunnels and 115,000,000 tons of proved ore resources.

Mr. McClung said, “This will be a particularly lucrative joint venture for us here at Scalada Holdings given the sheer scale of the three mines. We’re committing $200,000 on plants and equipment and will generate income of around $70,000 per month in gold plus any silver that we produce.”

When asked why his company had decided to enter into the joint venture, Mr. McClung replied, “We are miners first and foremost but it’s very difficult to ignore the cacophony of Wall Street particularly when there is so much uncertainty over the true direction of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies will be heading in over the next year or so. The market seems to think gold is headed much, much higher from here after a dreadful year and I’d have to say we’re in complete agreement with that assessment. It made sense to generate more gold so we found a great partner to work with.”

Scalada Holdings, Ltd. says it will require 90 days to begin producing at its allotted sites within the three mines but it will meet with financial backers in April with a view to visiting all three sites prior to commencing production.

About Franklin Mining, Inc.
Franklin Mining Bolivia operates with the highest standards of quality and efficiency by optimizing their resources and the preservation of the environment. In this way they generate value in fields in which they operate and the projects that explore and exploit, besides contributing to the socio-economic and cultural development of our society, they develop a model mining operations through safe, low cost, innovative technology, social commitment and respect for the environment, creating value for shareholders, employees and the region in which it operates.

About Scalada Holdings, Ltd.:
Scalada Holdings, Ltd. is in the business of bringing green solutions to the global marketplace that produce sustainable outcomes along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Titan Holdings Inc., a Nevada based environmental company. Scalada Holdings provides integrated solutions over a wide range of technologies, services and extensive knowledge to allow global institutions to meet their environmental goals.

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