Lockton’s Sports Insurance Offers Lifeline to Extreme Holiday Enthusiasts

Variety of tailor made sports insurance products to cater professional footballers, agents and local sport associations. Lockton Sports offers personalised services and great insurance products.

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – For immediate Release

By offering extensive sports insurance coverage, Lockton has made life easier for adventure sport enthusiasts.

London, United Kingdom, 7 July 2010 – It is getting harder to do anything without insurance these days: which is why Lockton’s new sports insurance packages are coming at exactly the right time for extreme sports enthusiasts all over the UK. With talk of compulsory insurance legislation already affecting previously “free” sporting activities like surfing (where the Government has entered into serious talks with the coastal agencies about mandatory craft licensing, of which insurance will form a part), the field of play for the super-active is narrowing quickly. The future is writing itself quickly, and it says: without insurance, you cannot play.
It was never that easy to get sports insurance – unless you were really in the know, where would you even start looking for a company qualified to insure you, your board, and the people around you? Fortunately, the Internet changed all that: we all know where to look for everything, these days. On a backlit screen sponsored by any one of the popular search engines. Do a UK search for sports insurance and Lockton is one of the first names you’ll find – understandably, as they’ve been quietly building a proper expertise in the field for a long long time. Lockton can offer well thought out packages with affordable premiums, designed to cover the majority of sporting activities according to band classes of “extremity” – i.e., the danger those activities pose both to their participants and to others.

The great thing about Lockton’s sports insurance is that, by being calculated in this way, it’s able to insure the mildly exotic sports person without penalising him or her for the existence of other, wilder sports with which he or she has no connection. It’s fair for everyone – and it’s saving the extreme holiday enthusiast from a fate worse than death. Namely, not being allowed to indulge in his or her sport at all.

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Lockton is a UK based sports insurer, whose expertise in the field has enabled it to create a series of competitively priced, sports specific packages.

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