New Guide OffersTips for Career Changers with Injury or Illness Considering Entrepreneurial Path

Finding a job when medical issues are involved can be a challenge. The self-employment solution, do's & dont's are the primary themes of the newly revised book.

Online PR News – 19-March-2014 – Oakland,CA – Each year, more than 1 million people are hurt on the job resulting in some form of disability, government figures reveal. But work-related accidents are not the only way in which sudden medical conditions can occur resulting in a disabling condition. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 37 to 56 million people in the U.S. are living with a disability.

Finding alternative work with a new disability can be a challenge even when applicants possess skills and education. U.S. Labor data for employment statistics for persons with disabilities have historically been low.

So no small wonder that countless numbers of career changers with chronic illness or injury view self-employment as a problem-solving solution. And this issue is addressed in a new guide by author and information researcher Dee Adams who specializes in self-employment topics.

Adams has edited an educational guide entitled Changing Your Work or Career: How to Explore Self-employment Options After Injury or Illness for people
with physical trauma and chronic conditions such as environmental illness.

Adams asks, "Do you know which of the following conditions could cause a change in occupation: Hearing loss, color blindness, diabetes, environmental sensitivities, broken bone in the finger, multiple sclerosis?"

"The answer is all of them. Most people harbor misinformation about what disability looks like or means. They don't realize the extent that even a minor injury can change the ability to perform a task," says Adams who worked on the project with a neck and back injury.

Changing Your Work or Career... includes profiles of amazing people, articles, quizzes, and excerpts from out-of-print books. "There's an insightful historical account of the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation and their work with veterans injured in combat and needing to change their pre-war professions during the 1940's," according to Adams.

Personal development glossary, bibliography, and more than 250 hyperlinks for unpaid listings of academic, government and useful commercial sites on related concerns. For instance, avoiding government red tape, alternative health, often overlooked facts, and money matters.

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Printable worksheets and charts are included in a PDF version of the book on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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