Newly launched smoke and head shop receives controversial feedback from consumers

Newly launched smoke and head shop receives controversial feedback from consumers

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – Recent outbursts from fed up citizens have highlighted the renowned head shop known as Smoke Wire and created an endless chain of controversial statements regarding the website. Every country around the world has problems with marijuana and other related drugs, the numbers support these claims and it's impossible to work around. However, many people feel that by reducing the amount of online head shops located on the Internet, we can essentially cut down on marijuana smokers.

Supporters of this theory say that underage smokers are ordering the products with false identification. While this might true, that's a reality with any kind of online shop, whether the products pertain to smoking or not, every digital shop has problems with false identification. Illegal orders have been recorded for decades and consumers take advantage of online stores in every way they can. This is a reality of online shopping that has existed for years and you don't see people outraged about this problem for other kinds of stores.

Advocates of the head shop suggest that these statements have no support. It's true that false identification is a problem with all online stores so why are protestors targeting head shops? There's reason to believe that they're angered at the availability of such products like water pipes, bubblers, glass pipes, bongs and similar smoking tools.

The head shop has plenty of items for those who support the site and comply with their products. While the content might be offensive to some, there's nothing that suggests they need to view or use the website. Rather, they should leave the contents of the site to those who are actually interested in the products.

Using a head shop on the Internet to find the bongs and bubblers you need is an excellent way to save money. Typically, these products would cost twice or even three times as much money if you were to get them from a local smoke shop. On the Internet, smoking suppliers are incredibly cheaper. You can even pay for really cool design aspects in some of the products. You'll notice that almost all of their glass items have been specially crafted to include unique designs that will surely catch the attention of all your buddies. Glass smoking products don't last forever because user error normally accounts for 90% of breaks. However, by saving money the smoke wire head shop makes it easy to another one.