Introducing a new iPhone/iPad photo wallet app with captions called Brag Book™

It’s about time, it’s about space, it’s about time to brag about your favorite photos!

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – Have you ever made a friend wait forever while you scroll through the tons of photos on your iPhone, trying to find those few photos that you want to show off of your kids, your pets, your friends, or your vacation? The answer is Brag Book™, a new photo wallet app (with captions) for the iPhone and iPad!

Brag Book™ is an elegant photo wallet app that allows you to:
· add your favorite photos from your iPhone gallery
· organize those photos in the order you want
· add captions
· choose from 16 options for the wallet cover, including animal prints, leathers and cloths!

WHY YOU NEED IT: When you run into a friend, you can just flip through your favorite photos in your Brag Book™ app. Even at those times when you have a moment alone, however few and far between, browsing through Brag Book™ lets you remember why life’s worth living!

PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO: Brag Book™ can even be used as a professional portfolio to show off the hairstyles you’ve created if you’re a hairdresser, your paintings if you’re an artist, the houses you’ve built if you’re an architect, or your company’s activities if you’re in public relations.

CHANGE IT UP: When you want to delete or replace photos in your Brag Book™ -- no problem! This app simply copies the photos from your iPhone gallery into your Brag Book™ wallet; so when you delete or replace a photo in Brag Book™, the original photo will still be in your iPhone gallery.

CAVEAT: Brag Book™ keeps it simple. This app is not a multi-level photo album that makes you feel guilty for not organizing all of your photos. Rather, it is a simple photo wallet that lets you insert only your favorite photos. Think of it as a replacement for that fat plastic thing you have in your wallet with all of those outdated photos!

FOUNDER: Brag Book™ founder, Dorinda Bordlee, asked Zco Corporation to develop this app so that parents like her could easily accost friends and family with favorite photos before they could escape. Dorinda smiles as she scrolls though her Brag Book™ app to show friends the best photos of her four beautiful children, her dog Joey, and her latest family vacation to the beach. She’s also been known to include photos of the cakes she’s decorated with her daughter Gabrielle (pictured holding the new puppy).

REVIEWS: Brag Book™ has received great reviews from many app users. One Brag Book™ user said, “I hate making my friends wait while I look for the photo that I want. I also like the gimmick feature that allows me to choose the look of the wallet - the leopard skin is my favorite.” Another reviewer says, “Yay Brag Book! I have waaaaaaaaay too many pics in my iPhone album to sort through and find the ones I want to show off. This app is awesome!!”

Having your best photo memories together in one simple place has never been more fun. With Brag Book™ on your iPhone home page, you’ll never want to stop taking pictures (especially with the cool new camera on the iPhone 4).

Purchase Brag Book™ by going to the iTunes store at and downloading it for $1.99. App Reviewers can get PROMO CODES by contacting

See a “How to Video” and learn more about the features by visiting the official Brag Book™ website at

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