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Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – Any organization engaged in distribution business and warehouse operations will vouch for a pivotal machinery called Forklift Truck. This is a small truck that helps in loading and off-loading goods from the factory to the warehouse and vice-versa. This truck has various parts which are in great demand by business organizations.

For instance, the Truck frame, which is the most important part of the truck. It is the base to which all the parts of the truck such as the mast, axles, etc. are attached. The overhead guard is also an equally important forklift part. It is basically a metal roof which is supported by posts at each corner of the cab, thus providing a protective shield to the operator and preventing him from any falling objects.

Another important forklift truck part is the counterweight which consists of a heavy iron mass and it is attached to the rear part of the truck frame. This part is of paramount importance as it helps to counterbalance the weight of the entire load which is being lifted. Thus, this should be in an excellent condition otherwise it can prove to be fatal while loading heavy equipments.

Thus, each and every part of the forklift truck contributes in safe loading/off-loading and running the truck efficiently. We provide Forklift Chain at affordable prices. If buying new parts is not possible for you, mainly due to financial constraints, you can also buy used forklift parts.

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