Namaqualand Flower Festival

This year, the arid terrain of Namaqualand is expected to come to life in a dramatic burst of colour. From the depths of the semi-arid landscape, dry, dusty and lifeless for most of the year, thousands of wildflowers will burst to life to cover the landscape in colour.

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – This is the Namaqualand wildflower show, which unfolds each year from late August to early September. For a short week or two, the rust and ochre tones of the Karoo desert give way to dazzling flowers, as the arrival of spring brings hundreds of species of wildflower into bloom.

This eruption of colour seems to disappear as quickly as it arrived, and thousands of visitors stream into Namaqualand to view the spectacle before it’s too late. If you don’t want to miss out on this inspiring natural wonder, start planning your Namaqualand trip now!

The Namaqualand wildflowers are almost ready to bloom

The desert terrain of the Northern Cape is presently being washed by winter rains. All this will change in a few weeks, when rain gives way to the spring sunshine that awakens over five thousand species of succulents and wildflowers.
Visitors can enjoy optimal viewing of the flowers between 10am and 4pm each day between late August and early September, and will have just weeks to marvel at this sight before the summer winds put an end to the floral display for another year.
Music, films and live shows at the Gariep Kunstefees

The highly popular Gariep Kunstefees runs concurrently with the wildflower show in Namaqualand, and is hosted at venues across Kimberley from 2 to 5 September 2010. The event features live shows, arts and crafts, films and entertainment for all ages. Events not to be missed at the Gariep Kunstefees include:
Comedy shows and local theatre productions
Art exhibitions
Craft markets
South African film festival
A delicious food fair

How to plan the optimal Namaqualand flower experience

Start by setting aside at least two to three days to take in the entire floral display in Namaqualand. There are so many beautiful blossoms that you’ll want enough time to see them all – and not only by car. For those who want to taste the spring air and feel the earth beneath their feet, there are plenty of magnificent hiking and cycling trails offering excellent paths through the flower route. The Goegap Nature Reserve is ideal for these outdoor pursuits, and also provides scenic picnic spots and overnight facilities.
Each year brings different highlights in Namaqualand, so once you arrive the first thing to do is visit the tourist information bureau to find out where the best displays are to be seen.

You have just a few days – don’t miss out!

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