Kerastase, luxury French Scalp and Hair care brand now at Studio Profile, Chennai

Kerastase, an umbrella brand of L’Oreal, is a luxury French scalp and hair care brand which is available in the best luxury salons of the world. The brand is already available in two cities of India, which is, Mumbai and Delhi. It’s now going to be available in Chennai, the Studio Profile Salon which happens to be one of the luxury salons in Chennai.

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – Kerastase, luxury French scalp and hair care brand which has been revolutionizing the world of professional hair care for over 45 years worldwide has now opened its door for the Chennaites at Studio Profile, Nungambakkam.
Present at the launch were Phillip Giles, Director of Professional Products Division, L'Oreal India and Smira Bakshi, Business Unit Head., L'Oreal India. Mita Banker and Jennifer, creators of Studio Profile played perfect hosts to special invitees, Rachna Kumar, Vimmi Deepak, Urmilla and several others who delighted in the individualised advice given by Shwetha Sodhi, Education Manager, Kerastase.
The expertise of Recherché Avancée L’Oréal has driven Kérastase Paris to become the world renowned technological pioneer for Scalp and Hair care. Kerastase is available in the best luxury salons of the world and has a menu of services and home care products to take care of your scalp and hair. Kérastase Scalp & Hair Institute – A cocoon of luxury hair care The Kérastase Scalp and Hair Institute is a secluded luxury cocoon inside the luxury salons – a luxury space dedicated to Kerastase treatments called Rituals.
As you walk into the luxury ambience of a Kerastase Institute, you are greeted by the Kerastase Ambassador, your scalp and hair expert who diagnoses your exact concern and offers a professional solution. The Diagnosis As a prescriptive brand, Kérastase Paris addresses your specific needs through a personalized consultation. Your highly trained Kérastase Ambassador will prescribe your perfect Scalp and Hair care beauty regime via a scientific diagnosis using the New Aramo Pro Scope Camera with the patented optical technology and digital Signal Process. The camera takes high resolution pictures of your scalp and hair. The dual lens magnifies your scalp 200 times and your hair cuticle (scales of the hair) a 1000 times to enable your Kérastase Ambassador to minutely examine your scalp and hair condition and then prescribe the perfect ritual and home care regime. The rituals designed to meet the hair care needs of both men and women, your Kerastase Ambassador recommends the ritual most suited to the condition of your scalp and hair.
Kerastase gives you the opportunity to indulge in 3 types of Rituals:
Experience Ritual- A luxury experience that consists of 5 stages, combining precise dosages of advanced hair care products. As you sink into the treatment, experience absolute well being and relaxation, thanks to a therapeutic head massage, that combines oriental digital pressure with western kneading.
Express Rituals -A comprehensive hair care Ritual for days when you are short of time. Express Rituals address the first levels of hair concerns.
Instant Conditioning Booster dose - Instant conditioning for your hair fibre. A perfect accompaniment to regular services such as haircuts, blow-drys and chemical services.
Kerastase offers a menu of 15 unique Experience Rituals, 3 Express Rituals and 4 Instant Conditioning Boosterdoses depending on the diagnosis of your scalp and hair as done by the Kerastse Ambassador. Home Care Products-Prolong the pleasure and benefits of a Kerastse Ritual at home. Prescribed by your Kerastse Ambassador your home care program lets you enjoy truly sublime looking hair every day, while maximizing product performance over time. Your personalized prescription will accompany you wherever you go allowing you to recreate your own oasis of expertise at home. Now, looking after your hair is a moment of pure pleasure.