New Flake Purifier to be unveiled by S+S at Drinktec-PetPoint 200

Well developed solutions for the plastics and recycling industry.

Online PR News – 19-August-2009 – – S+S Separation and sorting Technology GmbH will present their whole product range at Drinktec/PetPoint 2009 in Munich in hall B3, booth 206, from 14/09/2009 to 19/09/2009: Sorting Systems to recycle plastic packaging, inductive metal separators, often used during the production process of PET pre-forms or closing caps, as well as magnetic and metal separators for contamination detection in liquid and pasty products, used during drink production. The highlight of the show will be the new flake purifier to recycle plastic drink packaging.

The Flake Purifier will be introduced to the public at PetPoint 2009, after its American launch at NPE 2009. Based on a modular concept, this machine can combine up to three sensors for contamination detection. In addition to the third generation of refined sensors for metal and colour separation, the Flake Purifier is also equipped with a high-performance module to recognise contamination, including different types of plastic. This means, PET flakes can now be separated from PVC flakes or organic material such as PLA (previously known to lower the quality of the recycling material dramatically or making high quality recycling impossible). The intelligent combination with camera sensors enables the Flake Purifier further to identify and separate dark blue and black particles. Inductive sensors detect metal contamination.

Until now, established flake sorters have used only two sensors (metal and colour). The newly introduced multi-spectral sensor makes it possible to complete three sorting tasks simultaneously. Depending on the application, PET recognition can be programmed as good material or contamination. The new Flake Purifier stands out through its compact and modular design and low power consumption, as no cooling unit is necessary. The Equipment can also be ordered with simple sensors, which can be replaced by multi-spectral sensors at any time, should the sorting requirements change. To sum it up, the new sorting system is a cost-effective solution, guaranteeing high quality recycling results.

Peter Mayer, sales manager for sorting technology at S+S, about the comprehensive product range S+S will present at the PetPoint 2009: “In addition to PET recycling, we will also show equipment for quality assurance in PET production and for consumer protection in drinks production. It is the strength of S+S to offer both, Drinktec visitors and the PetPoint target group alike, comprehensive and well developed inspection and separation solutions.”

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