Tat2X® Expands Tat Skin Line With Tattoo Concealers and Tattoo Aftercare Solutions

Tat2X is proud to announce that they have expanded their Tat Skin line to help people cover up tattoos and take care of their skin.

Online PR News – 10-March-2014 – Long Beach, CA – Tat2X® has been helping people temporarily cover up their tattoos since 2008. Thousands of professionals wear Ink Armor™ sleeves every day to comply with a company dress code, protect their skin from the sun or cover up their ink for a special occasion such as a wedding. Tat2X's guiding company philosophy states that every individual has a right to express themselves through their tattoos but that employers also have the right to enact professional appearance standards. Over the last four years Tat2X has been expanding the manufacturing of their Made in the USA Ink Armor tattoo cover up sleeves. Ink Armor is a premium quality tattoo cover sleeve available for concealing body art on the arms or legs. Tat2X founder Mo Nelson explains, "We were doing well with our sleeves but we wanted to offer our customers other options for temporarily covering up smaller tattoos in harder to reach places."

Tat2X is proud to announce that they have now expanded their Tat Skin™ line to help people cover up smaller tattoos and take better care of their skin. Tat Skin Cover Tape is designed to hide smaller tattoos on the neck, hands and feet. Tat2X has also branched out into offering Tat Skin makeup concealer for covering tattoos anywhere on the body. The new Tat Skin Concealer Trio comes in five different shade palettes designed to match most skin tones. With three colors in each palette customers are able to create their own personal cover up blend. Tat Skin concealer goes on wet and sets dry for optimum coverage. “We want to offer the highest quality and greatest variety of tattoo cover up options available anywhere!” states Mo Nelson from Tat2X headquarters in California. “That’s why we’ve expanded our Tat Skin line to better serve customers who have smaller tattoos in harder to cover places,” continues Mo.

Beyond just covering tattoos Tat2X is now also offering Tat Skin Moisturizer and Tat Skin Cleanser. When used in combination these two products are designed for tattoo aftercare. They do not contain any Parabens, Phthalates or Formaldehyde which are chemical compounds that can cause long term damage to the skin. Tat2X skin care products are made with natural botanical ingredients such as Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Japanese Green Tea, Jojoba, Shea Butter and Avocado. “We’ve worked hard to do a good job of listening to our customers and our new Tat Skin line is about giving them what they’ve been asking for,” concludes Mo.

Tat2X® offers the highest quality tattoo cover sleeves available. Our Ink Armor™ sleeves help people with tattoos protect their artwork from the sun and comply with employer enforced “no visible tattoo” policies. Our sleeves come in a variety of colors and sizes. Ink Armor apparel is Made in the USA and Tat2X headquarters, manufacturing and distribution are all based in Southern California. Tat2X is also endorsed by numerous uniform suppliers as well as employee organizations.

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