Zcode System: Review Exposes the Industry's Most Advanced Sports Software

Victor Roberts releases a review of Zcode System, an online community and advanced software tool that provides consistently successful results in sports.

Online PR News – 10-March-2014 – Chicago, IL – Zcode system, an online software tool that uses more than 14 years and millions of pieces of data to accurately predict sports wins, allowing for consistent profits to be made by sports betters has caught the attention of Victor Roberts, prompting and investigative review.

“What’s different about Zcode System is that it’s not just about betting on sports—it’s about business,” reports Roberts. “Instead of making uneducated guesses about sports or even investing in the stock market, which has shown to be extremely unpredictable, Zcode System provides a way for smart sports investments to be made based on historical data and extremely intelligent algorithms.”

After 14 months of live Beta testing on Facebook, and even going viral in the social media world, Zcode System is finally going private, allowing only those highly interested in making profits through sports investing to have access to their proprietary software. While some refer to Zcode System as a betting robot, statistics have shown that it is much more than a robot, but rather an intelligent software that gathers thousands of pieces of sports data and results each day, including every detail, player, and team from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and more. More than 80 parameters are used to make accurate predictions, which are correct approximately 86 percent of the time. Not only does Zcode System predict a winner, but it also shows where the most value is for sports investing. The system has proven to double accounts month by month, creating a profitable situation for all involved with the system. Those who become members of the Zcode System receive VIP membership with instant access to all winning sports picks, video tutorials showing even novices how to best utilize the system, a comprehensive FAQ and money management system, and access to a well-trained support team. Members will also receive access to a variety of bonus tools to help sports investors win again and again. Currently, VIP membership to Zcode System is available for a one-time payment of $198.

“The great thing about Zcode System is that you don’t even need to know anything about sports to be successful at making top picks, as suggested by the betting robot,” says Roberts. “It minimizes so much of the risk that it really becomes investing, rather than just betting on sports.”

“Membership to Zcode System is in extremely high demand right now after the live Beta testing has closed, and only a limited number of spots are available. Now is the time for anyone who has ever been interested in sports investing to get involved.”

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