Search-optimized video (SOV) gives significantly higher chance of 1st page search ranking

Online PR News – 16-July-2010 – – CHICAGO, IL - Chicago company e-Conversation Solutions announces the launch of search-optimized video (SOV), a powerful new tool in digital marketing. According to a new BIA/Kelsey survey, 90% of U.S. consumers use search engines to shop. For businesses, getting to the top of search results can produce huge increases in sales. The problem is that their website text is fighting 500,000-to-1 odds to get on the front page of search engine results – a big obstacle for even the best SEO expert.

e-Conversation Solutions has solved this problem, and created a process that gives companies over a significantly better chance of getting to page one. The SOV process, designed by e-Conversation Solutions, creates videos that are designed to be found. e-Conversation Solutions determines the questions customers are asking, creates a series of brief “Answer Bits” in full HD video, titles and tags the videos using the latest search optimization techniques, and advises their clients on how to integrate the videos into their marketing campaigns.

How does it work? A recent Forrester Research study noted that online video has over a 50x better chance of showing up on the first page of search results. However, most all business marketing videos are long, 'brochure-style' videos that don’t hold viewer attention, aren’t targeted to answer the questions customers are search for, and aren’t optimized for search. By creating videos that are designed to be found from the start, the SOV process is a new way for companies to stand out online.

“Establishing your presence through SOV can help your company become the trusted source in your industry. It shortens your sales cycle and lowers your costs”, said CEO Mark Goodman.

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