MAH CET 2014: Devote last week on RC to be a winner in MAH CET 2014 results

With MAH CET 2014 exam just seven days away, brings an article from Verbal Ability expert Prof S.K. Agarwal in regard to probable type of questions & topics expected on RC Passages

Online PR News – 08-March-2014 – Noida, UP – With MAHCET round the corner and preparation level going high among the aspirants, brings forth an article from Verbal Ability expert Prof S.K. Agarwal in regard to preparation tips, probable type of questions, topics, number and pattern of questions expected on Reading Comprehension passages.
MAH CET 2014: 10 key Facts and tips for MAH CET MBA 2014 preparations
Total number of questions in MAHCET will be 200 in the form of MCQs. Entire test has to be solved in 150 minutes. There is no negative marking in MAHCET; hence the cut off to top rated B schools may also be high. The test, with three sections of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, carries maximum number of questions in VARC section.
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Moreover, questions on Reading comprehension passages form a lion’s share in Verbal Ability and RC section in MAHCET. Out of 80 questions in VARC, candidates can expect 30 to 36 questions based on 4-5 Reading comprehension passages.
MAHCET 2014 Paper Pattern: Prepare for MAH MBA CET 2014 to be held on March 15-16, 2014
Number and size of Reading comprehension passages
Passages in MAH CET are short say about 400-500 words as against CAT where a 800-900 worded passage is followed by 4-5 questions. The passages have moderate level of difficulty. In case number of passages are less than 3 or 4 they may be followed by 12-14 questions each else by 8 to 10 questions each. There may be 3-4 passages in the test and therefore, you can expect 30 to 36 questions on Reading comprehension.
Types of passages
There are two types of passages in MAH CET. One is of 60-70 words with 5-6 questions. The passage has number of blanks in it and out of the 5 options for each blank the test taker has to pick out the most appropriate one. Each of the blanks is numbered. Candidates have to find the word which fits the blank appropriately. There may be 6 to 8 questions on this pattern in this section.
Sample Question
The North-East India is Asia in miniature, a place (1) the brown and yellow races (2) and mingle. There are at least 262 (3) ethnic groups and the region is home to more than 150 million people. If one includes Bangladesh. Take (4) example the state of Manipur, which (5) Burma, with a population of 1.8 million people.
Q.1. (1) when (2) although (3) where (4) to (5) if
Q.2. (1) meet (2) desert (3) form (4) find (5) went
Q.3. (1) identical (2) closed (3) corresponding (4) homogeneous (5) separate
Q.4. (1) from (2) for (3) again (4) besides (5) to
Q.5. (1) holds (2) stretches (3) rules (4) borders (5) side

Ans. Q.1 (3) where; Q.2 (1) meet; Q.3 (4) homogeneous; Q.4 (2) for; Q.5 (4) borders. All these words will come to mind spontaneously, when you read the passage.
How to prepare and solve- tips
This passage with blanks is there to test your skill in the usage of Grammar as well as in Vocabulary. Answer options are also very close and to solve them you need to know different forms of verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions or other parts of speech, words and phrases which are to be inserted at the given numbers. The best way is to form the sentence in your mind and analyse whether it has been correctly formed. While solving it, go for elimination method.
The dates of MAH CET 2014 results have been announced. As per the notifications, MAH CET 2014 result will be out in April 21, 2014. will keep you updated about MAH CET 2014 result update.
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