Dynamic Ajax-Charts with CSS and JavaScript

Mera-soft introduces a new way to show charts on web pages: Without pictures and plugins - only JavaScript in connection with CSS and HTML is needed, so the charts can be updated with Ajax technology without reloading the entire webpage.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – An innovative new way to show JavaScript charts at web pages is presented by Mera-soft at www.running-charts.com. The charts do not use any plugins, pictures or Flash. Even Canvas or SVG is not needed, only CSS and HTML. So it works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE 8.0, IE 7.0 and even with IE 6.0! The slim library is designed for use in Ajax driven websites and is optimised for speed.

The library is fully configurable and provides, together with the possibilities of CSS, full customizability for own solutions and individual look and feel. As the background of the painted charts is transparent and the charts are moveable, the end user has more options for own requirements with running-charts.com. Also the support for autoscaling makes it easy to handle unknown data or unexpected data events. With running-charts.com it should be easy to clone the most charts visible at web pages - with the difference that the new charts are dynamically updated with actual data and do not need any plugins for that. Another result will be lower Server traffic because of fewer page reloads.
The JavaScript library can update the chart without connection to any server if the data comes from the client computer.
A copy and paste example at running-charts.com makes it easy to start on the own website with dynamically painted charts. The documentation for the JavaScript API is also located at http://www.running-charts.com.

The library is available in different editions: The free edition is without readable source code and needs a backlink to running-charts.com. The standard edition is also without readable source but can be used without backlink. The developer, team and enterprise editions are all with source code and can used without backlink. The differences between the developer, team and enterprise editions are the amount of developers and websites where it can be used at the same time.

About MERA-Soft GmbH
MERA-Soft was founded in 1993 and is a software development company based in the Southwest of Germany. The company is a developing- and distribution house for standard solutions in the area of the financial, asset and cost accounting under Windows. Furthermore MERA-Soft offers software development services in areas of C/C#/C++, XSLT and JavaScript.