Gaspari Gets NINETEEN Award Nominations!

Gaspari Nutrition has been nominated for 19 awards. Gaspari Nutrition's desire to see its customers succeed is seen in its excellent product formulations like Superpump250, Myofusion, & SizeOn Maximum Performance.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – Over the years, IFBB Hall of Famer and CEO Rich Gaspari has built a brand from humble beginnings to an internationally known powerhouse in the dietary supplement industry. From working out of his parents' garage selling supplements door to door in New Jersey, to now being heavily distributed in over 80 counties, Rich is still amazed by the popularity of the brand and the customers who have propelled into the stratosphere. While his bodybuilding days are over, Rich leads Team Gaspari by tirelessly sponsoring bodybuilding events, conducting free seminars around the world, and actively participating in http://www.GaspariNutrition.TV to bring health and fitness to the masses.

"I've built my brand through years of hard work and by never wavering from a simple philosophy by being "THE NAME YOU TRUST. THE BRAND THAT WORKS," said Gaspari.

This year Gaspari Nutrition has been nominated for nineteen awards coming from only a handful of nominations from years past. This can be attributed to the wildly growing popularity of products that truly meet the demands of gym enthusiasts to professional athletes globally. From the classic [b]SuperPump250®[/b], to the great tasting [b]MyoFusion®[/b] protein powder, to the breakthrough intra-workout powerhouse SizeOn® Maximum Performance, Gaspari Nutrition leads the pack in terms of innovation and global reach. Rich’s burning desire to see all his faithful customers succeed is reflected in his commitment to excellence in product formulation and this year’s nominations certainly is a way for the brand’s fans to say thanks.
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Brand of the Year (Gaspari Nutrition)
Supplement of the Year (MyoFusion, SuperPump250)
New Supplement of the Year (Anavite, SizeOn Maximum Performance)
Muscle Builder of the Year (SizeOn Maximum Performance, SuperPump250)
Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year (SuperPump250)
Intra-Workout Supplement of the Year (SizeOn Maximum Performance)
Multi-Vitamin of the Year (Anavite)
Fat-Loss Supplement of the Year (CytoLean V2, Mitotropin)
Energy Supplement of the Year (Mitotropin, SuperPump250)
Protein Powder of the Year (MyoFusion)
Nitric Oxide Supplement of the Year (PlasmaJet, SuperPump250)
Creatine Supplement of the Year (SizeOn Maximum Performance)
Weight Gainer of the Year (REAL MASS)

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