eCustom Leather Jacket Is Reaching More Customers Worldwide

eCustom Leather Jackets have already established a good reputation in USA and UK, now it's time for them to make waves in UAE and Canada.

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – eCustom Leather Jackets have recently just widened their business market to Canada and UAE. This is in response to the requests that the management have been getting from different parts of the globe, majorly from leather enthusiasts of these two countries. Expanding a target market is sure to be a great task so the company took enough time to study the right moves to expand their business properly and effectively, and not just for the sake of targeting a wider market and gaining more income. They want to make sure that maintaining quality service and product are still their highest priorities even after the expansion. They want to stress out that their business doesn't focus entirely on the quantity of products they sold, but rather on the quality of products and services that customers get and share to others. Word of mouth is always and always will be the most conventional and most effective form of advertisement.

Once orders are made, making a jacket takes 7-8 days, while shipping through FedEx takes about 3-5 business days. Shipping fee is $20 and they only ship through FedEx to ensure these tailor-made jackets get to your doorstep on the expected time. Customers could pay conveniently using their credit card, debit card through Paypal without registering.

eCustom Leather Jackets are tailor-made for each and specific customers at no extra cost. Customers can customize their jackets from designs, sizes, leather type, and even leather colors.There are variety of jacket designs to choose from in their site, but customers can always design their own if they must. This could also be a good gift to your loved ones. Designing a jacket for those you care about is truly a classic, elegant yet very intimate way of expressing how you feel for them. And you don't need to worry as making customized jacket does not put you at any higher charge at all. They don’t have stocked jackets to make sure that the quality delivered to the customers is as fresh and best as possible. So, you don't need to worry about the leverage or any hidden profit you think they might get when making your personalized jackets because making your own design doesn't put them at any disadvantage at all. You can send your designs through this URL,

For this reason, No Returns No Exchange Policy applies as always. However, you don’t need to worry as their staffs are professional and experts enough to make sure nothing is overlooked and that everything is taken care of before they begin making your jacket. It is also highly suggested that when taking body measurements, customer should base it on the Size Chart available in the site. To check for the progress of orders, customers can either send them a message at, in their Facebook account or tweet them @eLeatherjacket.