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Online PR News – 08-March-2014 – Noida, UP – This article describes the real account of GD round held for admission to one of the top B-schools. Given below is the realistic account of Group Discussion with 7 Candidates for admission to one of the top Business school.
India gained more at the WTO DOHA Round
No. of candidates -7
Time allotted-18 minutes
Composition of the group- 2 girls, 5 boys
Candidates have scored between 85 to 91 percentile
Name of the Institute not disclosed and names of the candidates have been changed.
Moderator - Good morning friends. The topic for today’s Group Discussion is- ‘India gained more at the WTO DOHA Round’. You have one minute to think before starting the discussion. The observers will neither interfere nor participate in the discussion.
Akshat- Friends, I am Akshat and would like to begin the discussion since time is short. Let us understand what the Doha is round.
The Doha Round was officially launched at the WTO’s Fourth Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar, in November 2001. It is the latest round of trade negotiations among the WTO membership. Its aim is to achieve major reform of the international trading system through the introduction of lower trade barriers and revised trade rules.
It’s the ninth round since the Second World War and the first since the WTO inherited the multilateral trading system in 1995. It aims to produce the first major overhaul of the system in the 21st Century.
Ratna– Friends, .India is one of the few developing countries with the size and influence to attract the attention of the world when it raises the flag. The prospect of new markets in the growing Indian middle-class is making the US and the EU much more sensitive to India’s trade concerns.
Shyam(appears more confused)- Well, I am not very much convinced with the type of topic but request all of you to listen to me. As I know thereare two key principles of DOHA round- decisions are by consensus, which means everyone has to be persuaded before any deal can be struck, and all the members have to agree.
Nishith- Smitha, you may be right to some extent. In fact, India had her way to retain the Food Security Law. Although it may push India’s minimum support prices above WTO limits, but interim mechanism will provide safeguards till WTO rules are corrected. New rules for public stock holding of foods in developing countries for food security will be formed.
Smitha - Let me add that India was the one to prepare the first agreement in the nine Ministerials held after the Doha Round.
Manohar - The WTO Multilateral Trade Negotiations in Bali almost failed. Since a complete consensus of 159 member nations is required, it appeared to be wastage of time, energy and money. The negotiations were plagued with irreconcilable differences among members from the outset and have stalled several times. The Bali package covers only a very small fraction of the 40 areas laid out originally in the Doha Declaration. It is quite unclear if and when any of the remaining areas will be resolved.
Saurabh- (Looking at Manohar) Yes I agree with you. The agreed points are against the rules which govern trade among member nations in goods, services and intellectual property. They are the foundation of the present world economic order.
Moderator – (signals to stop) - O.K. friends, time for discussion round is over. Thank you for active participation.
Expert feedback - The group overall actively participated.
Akshat – Very well defined the topic in simple language. Has leadership quality as well as team spirit. Top rated in the group. Recommended
Smitha – Not a good listener. Has interrupting nature. Has some knowledge on the topic and made some valid points although not very good. Not recommended
Ratna- Polite but firm. Recommended if more than three are required from the group.
Shyam – Seems more confused. Has little knowledge. Doesn’t show leadership qualities. Not recommended.
Nishith– Has clear idea of the topic and speaks well. Rated 2nd in the group. Recommended.
Manohar- Good listener as well as good speaker. Rated 3rd and recommended.
Saurabh- Not recommended.
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