ICON Dance Complex Slides into First

Beth Hubela Choreographs History Where Dance Meets Baseball

Online PR News – 15-July-2010 – – (Englishtown, NJ) July 14, 2010--ICON Dance Complex is making its way towards the baseball hall of fame—stepping up to the plate and making a swing for it are the future dancers of baseball. There's no dancing in baseball? Think again. Beth Hubela's new project with Lou Jacobs, who has serviced the NFL, AFL and other pro sports teams for over 15 years, proves otherwise.

Today's news slides into first with the introduction of live dancers to baseball. Taking the field right before fireworks at the local level, dancers are premiering atLakewood Blue Claws and Trenton Thunder games in NJ. The first uniforms showcase the year 2010—the ten placed on the back. All dancers will receive a commemorative plaque for making history and the original uniforms will be retired after this first season. Beth Hubela, Co-Founder of ICON Dance Complex, is one of the first choreographers chosen to take part in this record-breaking news of baseball meets dance. Many of her students made the team as well.

"I've known Beth Hubela since she danced on Bon Jovi's Philadelphia Soulmates team. She left to pursue her dream of opening a studio and when I first stepped foot at 'The Complex', I had a huge smile on my face. What Beth and GEO create is cutting edge and the quality of the kids that come from her studio to my team absolutely stand out," said Lou Jacobs, CEO Statewide Promotions, Consultants to Sports Franchises.

Pro level choreographers have begun teaching routines to dancers ages 8-19, which ultimately provides the skill level of a professional team. The season is in full swing and dancers are guaranteed four performances throughout the summer. A season lasts from April through September. If the team goes to playoffs, which they have, dancers will also be involved in the playoffs. There were no auditions this year. Instead, interviews were taken over the phone to make sure the kids were appropriate for the team. Next year, though, the auditions will be extremely difficult. There are already sixty three participants on the waiting list for try outs and most likely only twenty openings to fill.

Currently, one hundred and thirty dancers reside on the Lakewood Blue Claws and eighty on Trenton Thunder. Routines range from two to four minutes long for each of the teams (junior prep ages 8-12 and junior pros ages 13-19). There can also be a combined routine where the groups perform together, which can last five and a half minutes.

"The first time they performed, I was told the dancers should be in the outfield. The very next day I was called in to an ownership meeting only to be greeted by hugs and smiling faces saying what we did was phenomenal. The fan reaction was breathtaking with standing ovations, dancing and loud cheering in the stands. The following day, the dancers were brought into the infield where everyone can see and enjoy them up close," added Jacobs.

"I am honored to be inducted into this historic first season and I know that my ICON dancers are thrilled to be part of such a change in the times, when dance meets baseball. This is exactly what my cheer funk program is about. I train my dancers to be ready to perform in front of thousands of fans. We recently had ICON dancers make the Rutgers dance team and we applaud this new baseball experience under the ICON Dance Complex name," said Beth Hubela.

For more information on ICON Dance Complex and their cheer funk program, please visitwww.icondancecomplex.com, 732.446.3320, info@icondancecomplex.com. ICON will be hosting a summer intensive program for students from August 9-20 with celebrity master teachers. Interested participants are requested to call The Complex for a brochure and further details. Click here for photos of Beth Hubela and for her bio, click here.

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For more information or for tickets to see history in the making, please visit The Lakewood Blue Clawsor the Trenton Thunder sites.